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Udacity Front End Feedback

Immediate, visual feedback about any website's HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Ace Stream Web Extension Requer reinicialização

User Script Manager for Ace Stream desktop software

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Dojo Firebug Extension Requer reinicialização

Firebug extension to help dojo developers.
Easy access to Dojo features: get a tree view of the dijit registry, inspect visual widgets, view and breakpoint connections and subscriptions.

Note: This addon does not work with dojo 1.8+ yet

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WhoisDomain -All In One Site Lookup Requer reinicialização site lookup-SEO (domain lookup-whois,alexa rank,server ip,pagerank,Google index etc.(what needs a webmaster) ) button (Buttons are on statusbar-addressbar and search results).

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Cookie Lympha

A basic add-on. Gets rid of a current site's cookies. Repository:

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Timetracker by 7WebPages

Track time for trello with start/stop button

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This extension will automatically redirect any pages on a StackOverflow clone site to the original question back on StackOverflow (or StackExchange site).

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MozCC Requer reinicialização

Provides an interface for viewing metadata embedded in web pages, including Creative Commons.

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geo devtool

Update your geolocation in real time by moving a marker on a map.
Debug applications using geolocation (working both with getCurrentPosition and watchPosition).
Fake your location when a website asks for it.

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Compatibility Detector for Firefox


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Nightly Tester Tools Lite Requer reinicialização

This is a cut down version of Nightly Tester Tools by Mossop, which is 77.6 KB. I've only included the "copy build id" and "build id in titlebar"...

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handler per schema geo: Requer reinicialização

Implementa la gestione delle URI aventi schema geo: come definito dalle specifiche della RFC 5870.

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Ranks NL Page Analyzer Requer reinicialização

Easy access to the ranks NL Page Analyzer. For Ranks Friends only. Please note you need to be logged in for this Add on to work.

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Style Sheet Chooser II Requer reinicialização

Style Sheet Chooser II allows you to choose author-provided alternate style sheets for a web site, and have those choices be persisted for all pages on the same site. Style Sheet Chooser II replaces Firefox's built-in style sheet switcher - its...

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IRUnfilter Requer reinicialização

Removes Host http header from HTTP requests which actually bypasses Iran's web filtering
Get a free web proxy to use with it
Supports auto-proxy configuration for Bad Request (servers with multiple hosts) error.

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Dublin Core NeViewer Requer reinicialização

Displays Dublin Core Metadata embedded into the section HEAD of an XHTML Web page using the META and LINK elements.

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4 usuários Tools Requer reinicialização

Upload pictures or browser screenshots (you can capture full or part of any web page) to
With just one click you can upload any picture to and share it with the world.
You can also save screenshots to your hard disk.

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Create short URLs Requer reinicialização

Create a short URL from any website. ...

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Openattribute link Requer reinicialização

Searches links for licenced content on web pages linked to from this page.

An example

If you do a google search this add on will check all the search results for CC licences.

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Web Metrics Framework Requer reinicialização

YSlow extension to measure how good or bad a page is according to Google web metrics

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