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Skipity+Melhor maneira de baixar vídeos do Youtube

O botão Skipity mata o tédio a cada clique. Baixe vídeos do Youtube ou qualquer outro site de vídeo. Incríveis capturas de tela. Notificações do Facebook no botão do navegador.

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Facebook Cleaner Não precisa reiniciar

This addon help you to block facebook ads and change your facebook to a new look

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YouTube Control Center Não precisa reiniciar

YouTube Control Center is an open-source project that aims to enhance the overall YouTube experience by providing the end user with more control in what the playback process is concerned.

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微信网页版助手 Não precisa reiniciar


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newshelper-firefox Não precisa reiniciar

新聞小幫手 Firefox 版

1. 支援 Facebook 網站
2. 支援 Google+ 網站
3. 支援 Twitter 網站
4. 瀏覽誤導新聞網站時,會紅色框警示。

新聞小幫手只會處理畫面上的連結,不會取得您 facebook / google+ / twitter 帳號資訊。
本專案是 Open Source 的!

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Proxy List

Get the fastest working proxies with a single click. The easiest way to find web proxies that suits you.

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Wiznote Web Clipper


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Pushbullet Não precisa reiniciar

Pushbullet enables you to easily push webpages, files, notes, lists, and more to your Android devices from your browser.

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gfycat Companion Não precisa reiniciar

Converts gif animations to html5 videos. Saves internet bandwidth and download time.

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Pin Image to Pinterest by right-clicking a image from a website.

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Facebook - Delete My Timeline Não precisa reiniciar

Note: Beta version! Still in development!

Adds a 'Facebook - Delete My Timeline' option to Tools dropdown menu that deletes all visible posts!

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FireBBS.l-hedgehog Não precisa reiniciar


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Copy Fixer

Copy the page title and URL using Ctrl-C or Command-C.

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Opens all images from a page into a new tabbed window. Great for image focused sites like reddit, 4chan, tumblr etc.

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Tao Bao Wang Wang

Tired of openning IE for only because WangWang instant messenger can not start when you click a contact?
Try this!

(If you have any problem please contact

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Submits songs to your profile from online music services such as Pandora, Songza, Sound Cloud, Rdio, 8tracks etc.

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Easy Copy

Copy a page's details such as its title, URL and HTML source with one click so you can paste it anywhere else such as emails, blogs and forums. Copy a single page, all open tabs or all links on a page. Format text as plain text or HTML.

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QR Code Image Generator Não precisa reiniciar Em destaque

Create a QR Code of the selected text or current URL. Customize image with different colors and sizes.Use CTRL-SHIFT-Q to quickly see the QR Code. Also possible to create a QR Code from free text within Firefox. Works completely offline!

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Yaplet Sidebar

Chat on websites, topics and just about anything using yaplet. Now you don't have to fumble around with tabbed chats that get in your way of browsing...

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