• NightShade

    This theme is just an updated version of RulerDark, with some extra new features the original version didn't have (like the much requested favicons in the bookmarks bar).
    Currently there's a version for Firefox 4 in the makings!
    177 usuários
  • Metal + glass

    295 usuários
  • Ffox New Theme

    Firefox >4.0 Fully Transparent Theme
    132 usuários
  • Cylence Theme 2: Black Edition Beta 2

    Cylence Theme with Full Blackness Support...
    23 usuários
  • iAqua

    iAqua is a mix of Apple's pill buttons and other Mac elements.
    165 usuários
  • Gold Steel

    A gold sleek theme

    Download Gold Steel version 1.3.1 fixes compatibility with Firefox 3.6
    83 usuários
  • Concave Alloy Fusion - Black

    A concaved black alloy,with nice red easy read icons. Overall, a nice fusion of red and black.

    If response to this is well received, I have versions in other colors.

    NOTE: I HAVE FIXED THE MULTIPLE ARROW ISSUE (Mentioned below in some reviews) WI...
    35 usuários
  • ShineGUI 1.0

    A shiny bright metallic theme started from an opera theme.
    6 usuários
  • Simple Theme

    Simple and powerfull theme for Easy and Fast use
    8 usuários
  • Doodle Classic

    A childish and colorful theme with menu...
    215 usuários
  • Maxi

    Clean modern theme for Firefox 2. A nice alternative to the default theme since the colors are lighter and easier on the eyes...
    95 usuários
  • Gradient Sepia

    Seamless gradient with a touch of sepia...
    57 usuários
  • Linfield FC Theme

    The ONLY Linfield FC theme for Firefox.
    The 2.3MB file size means installation is slower than most, but shouldn't take more than 30 seconds on a standard broadband connection, well worth it if you're a Linfield fan.
    10 usuários
  • Daum Blue

    Daum 사용자를 위한 Firefox용 푸른색 테마 입니다. 간결하고 심플하고 시원한 색상과 아이콘을 가지고 있습니다.
    127 usuários
  • FoxWorld

    The World like theme for Firefox
    260 usuários
  • macfox3

    A macfox II theme made usable in Firefox 3.0 and later. It looks like macfox II (maybe a bit worse), however it's based on ifox (and fairly modified).

    It is still developed but only as small fixes are needed. No huge changes are planned.
    730 usuários