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  • This addon no longer able to control the video quality and other settings since Youtube always overrides it.

    Will there be any updates or fix for this addon in the future?

  • Not all of the settings for the add-on get saved after being changed. Also, this completely does not work for mobile Firefox.

  • Thx

  • Doesn't adjust quality on 60fps videos properly. I've set it to HD 1080p, but it just defaults to youtube's setting 720p60.
    So that's about 50% of new videos on Youtube now.

  • It just does not work at all anymore. YouTube ignores the default resolutions you set and it ignores the auto-pause feature too. It's really not the authors fault, YouTube's constant updating has made it very hard to keep addons that deal with it up to date and functional. Plus a lot of the things we used to be able to do with YouTube via basic web extensions are just not possible anymore.

  • USED to be really good..... Now doesn't allow me to play videos without disabling it completely. I like the Auto Pause option but now have to enable default play behavior just to watch videos.... which kind of defeats the purpose of this extension really..... Please make the effort to fix this as I'm not the only person complaining about this!! (Been this way for months now!)

  • Fr. => Dommage, très dommage... j'utilisais cette extension avec bonheur depuis plus de 2 ans et jusqu'à la v.52 de Firefox.
    Je viens de faire (enfin) la mise à jour de Firefox (v.60) et Youtube High Definition ne fonctionne plus normalement (après avoir vérifié sa dernière mise à jour) d'où les 2 étoiles seulement !...
    Il bloque la lecture des vidéos même en cliquant sur la fenêtre de la vidéo ou bien sur le bouton de lecture.
    De plus, certaines options que j'avais déjà paramétrées ont disparues, donc impossible d'utiliser Youtube !
    Ce n'est qu'en le désactivant que je peux lire les vidéos normalement.
    Je viens d'installer (hélas) une autre extension qui comporte aussi beaucoup d'options et qui a l'air de très bien fonctionner.
    Merci au développeur de faire une mise à jour urgente !...

    Eng. => Too bad, very bad ... I used this extension with happiness for over 2 years and up to the v.52 of Firefox.
    I just made (finally) the update of Firefox (v.60) and Youtube High Definition does not work normally (after checking its last update) where the 2 stars only! ...
    It blocks the playback of videos even by clicking on the video window or the play button.
    In addition, some options that I already set have disappeared, so impossible to use Youtube!
    Only by disabling it can I play the videos normally.
    I just installed (alas) another extension that also has many options and seems to work very well.
    Thanks to the developer for an urgent update! ...

  • i think it is better than other but now i don't use it after using i can tell you something geniune

  • Don't work. Youtube ignore settings like resolution + Miss some settings

  • Good

  • Doesn't work on android

  • Good

  • very useful but you need to have a good internet connection to work it properly

  • Won't save settings anymore and also has some UI issues (I have to scroll right to change some settings, but there is no obvious way to scroll; managed to scroll by clicking on my mouse wheel and moving the mouse sideways).

  • This add stops YouTube video's playing embedded on websites that have them, so you are forced to click the view on YouTube link that opens a new window, you can not view it on the website...

  • Can't find any link where we can report bugs, so I have to do it here: it seems that since a few days, this add-on doesn't adjust the resolution on Youtube videos anymore and I don't know if it's just on my side or indeed broken. Until then it worked fine.

  • Amazing extension!

  • Player size and annotation disable works, VIDEO QUALITY SETTINGS DO NOT. Change the name from "YouTube High Definition" to "this app doens't set YT quality, so don't bother".

  • Не стабильно. Некоторые версии работают, а новые, на Firefox 52 ESR - глючные.

  • es muy buena

  • bv

  • 2 things: seems to stop playback on YouTube completely for me now. So had to disable. And also, can't find the options menu to set default resolution, default video size, like I could pre Quantum. Sad ;(

  • 支持楼主分享!

  • ras

  • I love the YouTube High Definition add on. I noticed that the add-on hasn't been updated in a while. I was wondering if it could be updated from time to time. I know you are probably busy most of the time but it would be helpful. At times YouTube seems to be a bit sluggish and slow with the add-on and after disabling it, it seemed to run ok but I will definitely reinstall it again. Overall I love your add-on and the way it works and thank you for making a great add-on!