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  • Easy to use and efficient.
  • UI 不错
  • The highly unpleasant name takes away from what is otherwise the best extension of its kind.
  • جيدة جدآ ممتازة، اشكر المطور
  • The script options for Center Image (https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/110-center-image) doesn't work. I click on it under "script commands" and nothing happens. Don't think it's a problem with the script because it works perfectly fine in Tampermonkey. Could this be fixed in Violentmonkey?
  • it would be way more helpful to specify the very script that is causing trouble rather than merely reporting : "A script in the extension "Violentmonkey" is slowing down .."

    it would, one might assume, benefit all concerned, devlopers and users, no ?
  • 4ChanX was loading really slow. switched to Violentmonkey instead of Greasemonkey and it fixed the issue for me. no idea why but w/e im happy.