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  • Dude you just stole my heart with this addon. This is working perfectly as I wanted to. I want to add more User-Agents and OS and others for that I need your kind help. I have emailed you to the support email listed for this addon page.

    *** I'm seeking for your attention dear admin of this addon sir ***

    I need your kind help to add more User-Agents, OS, Versions etc.

    Can you publish an Updated Version soon? Or else You can help me to add manually?
    I'm really not aware of user-agents for different browsers and OS.

    *** Waiting for your response ***
  • Unlike some other apps I saw suggested from Firefox & others results from Apps search & Google search this 1 actually was to UPLOAD images to certain sites like Instagram (90% of the others were to download images already posted on sites by other people instead of using screenshot apps, almost complete opposite of what I was searching for). And even better you explained how it works & how to use it RIGHT in certain internet servers. That helped a lot more than what I got from Google (lol. Some results were even outdated/impossible to use now). This saved me time & even money because now I don't have to go buy a smartphone just to actually/fully use a website (or 2+).
  • Seems to be one of the more frequently updated UA changing extensions. Keep it up!
  • Love it that you can add custom strings (just use Ctrl + V to paste). It works very well. It doesn't fool the Firefox add on site, but I see this is a Firefox policy, and the developer has provided a work around. This is a terrific, easy to understand and use add on. It does fool Google and all the user-agent testing sites.
    Thanks for the review! Unfortunately this is a limitation of the WebExtension API: The Firefox add-on site is blacklisted from manipulations of extensions due to browser policy. I've added this (and a manual workaround) to add-on's description.
  • Tested this addon against sites like: https://panopticlick.eff.org/
    As you will clearly see when you test it for yourself, it does not work.
    Set it to windows / IE : here is my test result
    User Agent

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
    as you can clearly see it does not work.
    I'm not sure what you are complaining about, but the above is a “Windows 7 64-bit running Internet Explorer 11 32-bit” user-agent. I see nothing unexpected with this result.
  • Missing the "append" mode and a confirmation check when you delete a existing user-agent string.
    Apart from that, its fine and simple.
  • Ist gut, Einstellung auf Safari klappt da, wo ich es brauche.
  • 很好用,完美解决IE11兼容问题
  • Отличное дополнение!!! Благодарю.
    Пользуюсь до сих пор "FF 56.0.2", и слазить с данной версии я не собираюсь так как в нем работают все те приложения к которым я привык, и которые не могут быть адаптированы по ряду причин под новый "Firefox"...
    У меня до сих пор без проблемно работают несколько дополнений, которых уже нет и в помине на сайте дополнений "Firefox" (и естественно нигде их не найти, и тем более не скачать), а не которые я намеренно не обновляю так как многие полезные фишки урезали, дыбы работало в новой версии.
    "56.0.2" шустрит в однопроцессорном режиме с отключённой зашитой и всякими не нужными плюшками, запускается за две секунды при двадцати шести дополнений (не медленней "Quantum").
    А с вашим расширением надеюсь что проработает ещё очень долго.
    Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_4sentyabrya2018g.1536030337.png
    Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_4sentyabrya2018g.1536030351.png
  • This is pretty decent. The Playstation default I like as it forces a lot of broken websites (eg. Gmail, YouTube) to work. The downside is adding or changing them does not work. And the CURL and WGET are bad options as they make websites think you're some scraper bot.
    Thanks for the review!

    Could you please elaborte what you mean by “The downside is adding or changing them does not work”? I do not unfortunately understand what you mean by this.

    Having the CLI tools options available is good for testing for the exact behaviour you describe as “bad”. Some sites also hide/modify content from web browsers, but only deliver them to bots and specialized client software for automated processing – feeds/podcasts are a prominent example of this.
  • great extension but
    please add domain exception list, some sites look terrible on big screen and some other force you to open site with app like soundcloud and fb messenger
  • Does the job very well.
    It would be a nice addition to reset the Switcher when the browser closes.
    well done!
  • 感覺有點耗資源 不過youtube上使用還是可以的
  • works perfect, great Addon!
  • ok
  • Great addon, but not possible to see/edit custom domain rules, without visiting the site.
    Curious why this addon is 8MB large. My second largest addon (uBlock origin), is only 2MB.

    Idea for future addon: Same concept for an addon to modify referrers.
    The add-on is so large because it (currently) ships with a pre-processed BrowsCap database of User-Agents. There are methods/libraries for parsing User-Agent-strings, but non of these provide the required information at the required level of quality for this add-on, atm. If I ever get to switch to any of these completely for “User-Agent Switcher” the size would likely drop to 100–300kB or so. So, no short-terms fixes for unfortunaltely, sorry.

    You may like “Smart Referer” (also mostly be me): https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/smart-referer/
    The UI isn't very advanced, but from a functional perspective they're almost at feature-pairity. Please open an issue or send me a mail if you have any (specific!) ideas on how to improve it.

    Edit: Regarding the per-domain overrides: I know this is missing currently, but that's simply because nobody has asked for it yet :-D
    Please open an issue in our issue tracker, including an outline of how you would want this to look like, and we'll see if this something that will be implemented.
  • Finally, I can switch entirely to using Firefox on Android! Google Maps and Google Voice give me all the menu options now, not the nerfed versions they serve to us Firefox Android users! It even does site-specific domains! Erm, I only wish I could specify for it to work only on certain Google sites, Maps and Voice (www.google.com/maps and www.google.com/voice), but not Google Search. Unfortunately, Google redirects to these addresses and then the extension doesn't catch these sites.
    Thank you for your feedback!

    You can already match on subdomains or on the entirty of the Google domain (ie: `*.google.com`). Adding matching for subpaths will not be added since the UI for this would be quite complex and the paths on many domains are meaningless anyways.

    I'm not sure what you mean with „the extension stops working“, but if there are specific issues you see with this extension that you would like see fixed please open an issue (with detailed problem description, steps to reproduce, …) at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/new .
  • good
  • 好用
  • It is recommended to support automatic setting of different useragents for different websites.
  • With site-specific options and the ability to add custom user agents, this has to be the best user agent switcher out there now
  • it doesn't work after i updated Firefox
  • Love the override feature!
  • Excellent Add-on.

    There are hundreds of these add-ons, they have one goal, same names, similar functionality, and I even found an outdated rip off of this one.

    Why choose this over the others? If you want to easily maintain your own list and you don't need an outdated list of 1000s of deprecated browsers, or a pretty interface with big flashy icons. If you want to spoof an agent and have it stick on browser restarts or spoof the agent for a specified website and have it stick or spoof random agents at an interval than this add-on is for you. I have set this up for an old lady so it's not only made for "hackers".

    Developer: The interface text size and spacing could at the users discretion be decreased so we can fit more items into view, I'm using the default list and it takes up a lot of room. The icon is ugly! It's identifiable in that I look for the ugly icon. It looks like a box with a small dot in the center, consider increasing the empashis of the 3 "heads?" or making a new icon with out the noise in the background. minimalism is the current trend for a good reason.
    Thanks for your feedback! I don't think changing font size is a good idea, but if you feel like I'm wrong, please open an issue with as many details as possible for this at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/new .
    I definitely embrace the idea of adding a more clear-cut icon (although I don't agree that the current one is „ugly“) and already updated the icon of my other extension, Smart Refer, because of this. If you could provide a visual sketch of what you have in mind that would help a lot in making this happen through.
  • Dear Alexander Schlarb, I hope you receive this message. This agent switcher is by far the best I've tested at present. It gets the information correct on the sites I've tested it on. Other add-ons will show a different agent yet reveal under system information my real system information. Your add on doesn't. There's just one thing I would really appreciate, if possible, to set custom screen resolution, is that possible? I hope this review reaches you. Thanks.
    Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately this kind of feature request is totally ill-suited for the review section as it needs a lot more discussion and justification to be added to this extension. Please open an issue (with details and your particular use-case) at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/new so that we can discuss this properly.