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  • Amazing. I really like this add on, easier to 'browse' multiple images without clicking each image and also great help for download image. Thank you.
  • disable button makes it not working
  • L'addon fonctionne très très bien ! Excellent !
  • 點縮圖即可瀏覽原圖,還有快捷鍵下載、縮放、換頁的功能!
  • thanks
  • This is everything I've been looking for! Works smoothly and is easy to get used to. Thank you so much for this, it makes saving images a lot easier!
  • Please add the option to click on the image to go to the next image in the sequence! Using the keyboard doesn't cover it as well as it could. It's an important functionality that I feel this add-on is missing.
    「画像をクリックして次の画像を見る」機能を追加してください (自動翻訳で申し訳ありませんw)
  • 非常好用,现在推特存图就靠这个了,要是支持快捷键就好了......
  • I've been looking for something exactly like this for a long time, thank you!
  • exactly what I was missing! it is perfect.
  • Great extension, makes life easier.