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  • yes ai do
  • It works very well for my location. Very satisfied. Looking at offer for more amplification in an email I just received.
  • bidone non funzione da non acquistare
  • n pude ver tv de chile
  • Funziona bene
  • Great picture quality
  • Die Letzte Scheisse,
    so ein Dreck, so eine Scheisse
    absolute Zeitverschwendung
    20 Sender angeklickt und 20 funktionieren nicht.
    Vermutlich auch noch Virenverkeimt.
    Erfinder... Du Arschloch
  • I made the order and never received it.
    It's so funny because they did send me a confirmation e-mail for the order.
    Did call them and e-mailed them but no use.
    It's just a scam
  • Excelente
  • Not exactly simple to access, is it?
  • muito ruim
  • Nothing worked at all it kept making me try to download it after I already did, it did it so much Firefox started blocking it.... lmfao
  • I'd give this a zero of I could. Every click asks you to download a windows executable file.
    User beware. I'm surprised this is in the AddOns repository.
  • This rubbish dose not work. The advice from the developer is worthless, as there is NO SUCH PLUG IN as windows media player for firefox! This add on should be removed from mozilla.
  • I have win10. The ext. doesn't work with windows 10? I do have your toolbar also and that doesn't work either. I have firefox 50.0.2.

    Or is there something I need to do to get it to play. The screen pops up with name of show at the top and then a blank gray screen underneath. I guess at 59 I just doing get a lot things. I do not know how to fix this. Or maybe I am just too depressed. The management isn't renewing my lease because I have been reporting bad conditions here.

    I have tried your contact form in both browsers and they tell me that there is an error everytime
    Thank you,
  • *nothing to see here (more or less literally)...
  • the TV-Channels for Germany are not working, also you need the bloody MEDIA-PLAYER from Windows, but I have UNIX / LINUX, so that programm is crap for me
  • Ya que te pide plugin, no se puede con el FF 64bits :(
  • I can't say this is really a review of this add on because I never got that far. On the registration page it wants you to provide credit card information. It states that it's free and you won't be charged, but I've learned the hard way that once you provide your credit card (or PayPal acct) information, companies can take liberty to charge you for whatever they want when they think it's warranted. I had one that did this and I didn't discover it until months later that they had been billing my account for 6 months. It was a cost that didn't jump out on my statement. Then one day I received an e-mail from my bank stating they were going to pay this bill with my credit card. This was the first time I received an e-mail like this because I had just signed up to put a watch on the card, mainly because it was a new feature that my bank offered so I thought I would try it, but also because of all the problems that were coming up with credit cards after the Target fiasco. I'm glad I did, but I should have watched my account closer. I wondered why my balance never went down. I just thought it was because of all the blood suckers that take chunks of my money every month and slyly increase rates, $ by $ until you catch them (e.g., cell phone, TV, internet, etc). The e-mail stated that my February payment of $30 would be deducted on a specific date for my revolving account with them. I didn't know who it was until I called the telephone number listed by the charge on my VISA statement. After I finally figured it out, I was furious because I signed up for free usage, but when I didn't find what I was looking for, they said I would receive more information for a one-time fee of $19. I still couldn't find what I was looking for so I thought, what a waste of money to spend $19.00 for something that didn't give me much more information than what I received with the free version. Apparently somehow they decided to start charging me a monthly fee of $30.00. I told them they must have it buried that piece of information somewhere on their website because I would have never agreed to that, and I pointed out that if they looked at my usage over the prior 6 months they would notice that I didn't use the site except that first time/day. Long story short, after 45 minutes on the phone with multiple staff and managers, I was able to get them to refund most of my money, but not all of it. But that was success compared to what they originally offered. So I don't care who it is, I will never give my credit card information to a site that states you can use it for free. I was really looking forward to watching TV when I'm in my office. Right now I'm just using an antenna on one of that pop under you counter TVs. I could hook up another TV to my Direct TV account, but after paying $120.00 a month for 2 TVs when I only watch 6 channels, it just just irritates me that I will have to pay even more every month. I remember when TV was free and everybody had those ugly antennas on their roof (yes, I'm dating myself). I would take that option back any day because I don't watch premium channels. This $120 is just one step above their most basic plan. This "rating" was longer than expected. My purpose wasn't to vent (even though it seems like venting) as much as warn people about my experience with something like this. It's actually the second time this has happened but it was with my PayPal account and I caught it the first time they charged my account. But PayPal paid them because I had agreed to let the company charge me monthly and of course the company didn't give me a refund. If this hasn't been a problem for you and you are enjoying this add on, I'm glad for you and I'm bummed for me:( Thanks for reading my long "rating."
  • Very cool add-ons. I really love it. Very helpful. 5 stars.
  • Very cool add ons.It is really awesome and works very nicely.
  • very good addons, awesome!
  • Its work very effectively and its a good one.
  • it works 100% and beneficial for us. wow!!
  • this is a aweosme extension.i love this extension.you can watch tv on firefox browser.