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  • Doesn't work as expected. After closing a tab any other tab can become active despite of the addon settings.
  • nice :)
    But when opening new tab all tabs move to the left until the new tab will be at the left border o_O
    Is this normal?
    How can i change this that only all tabs to the right move only one tab on?
  • This add-on allows you to place where the new tab (from link) is and return to the position you want. I choose to place new tab before the unread tab and return to its source. It works.
  • FF60.6 ESR x64 - I needed this addon for 2 things: open new tabs on the right side (instead of at the end) and switch to left side on close (instead of right). The first one works, but sadly the latter is inconsistent and sometimes jumps at random tabs.

    EDIT: tested on normal FF66 too. Same problem.
  • Does not work on Firefox 65 or 66
  • Doesn't work for "Closing a tab" - still always goes to the last active tab.
  • Doesn't work. I was forced to manually change the settings :(
  • Can confirm this: After close the tab often leads to a different tab but not to the left one! I'm sorry :(
  • I use these preferences:
    New Tab Open at: Last Tab (default)
    After Close, Change to: Last Active Tab

    This is perfect because:
    1) Ctrl+T and the PLUS SIGN button do the same thing: create a new tab at the end of the tab bar.
    2) After closing a tab, the last active tab becomes active.

    Enhancement request: make the preferences sync using Firefox Sync.

    I recommend another extension that complements this extension: "New Tab Beside": it allows Ctrl+1 to open a new tab next to current tab.
  • After close the tab often leads to a different tab but not to the left one! I'm sorry :(
  • Simply not working on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic), Firefox 61.0.1 (64 bit)
  • Ja das ist ja super, vielen Dank. Sehr hilfreich!
  • So basic! I like it that this makes it easy for me to change how I want my tabs to behave without tweaking about:config. Install this plus Tab Session Manager and Undo Close Tab if you're missing Tab Mix Plus.
  • Much needed functionality. Shocked that this isn't a standard option in Firefox.
  • Danke!
  • 04/07/2018 - Triggers "New tab open at" and "After close, change to" does not work after last update 5 april 2018

    04/04/2018 - Very good but If trigger "After close, change to" = "LEFT TAB" then Close tab leads to a Last active tab but not to the Left one. Fix it please.