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  • works perfectly, thanks!!!
  • Exactly what I've been looking for.
    Straightforward and simple.
  • Very good, convenient. Good number of options. Doesn't interfere with operations.

    I've found the 3 trifecta add-ons for convenient and powerful search are

    FlagFox (domain info/domain search)
    Switch Selection Search (text search)
    Image Search Options (reverse image search)

    All 3 are Customzable and you can add your own search engines.

    Please add javascript/bookmarklet support!
  • Haven't used it yet, but this looks to be a huge time saver and productivity booster!
  • this add-on makes touch experience with Firefox less annoying, only if you add paste icon option, that would be great
  • 手动添加搜索引擎,真费时间.不过还是喜欢.希望早点支持一下中文.哈哈
  • very very good sdds opera
  • Amazing! Highly customizable, handy and clever addon!
  • It is very easy to search words by using this add-on.
  • Is there a way to have an option to display the result as an inner popup (tooltip), it's very helpful for translate words. Thanks for a very useful ext.
    Hi and thanks for the review! :) Well, it's not easy to know what would be the correct thing to display in an inner frame for a custom website (The whole page? First result? But what is a result? Not all sites display results in the same way... Custom results if using google translate? It's complicated! :p). That is an interesting idea, though. :)
  • Sowas habe ich die ganze Zeit gesucht und endlich bin ich auf dieses Add-on gestoßen! DANKE!
  • Шикарное дополнение я себе туда добавил поиск по ~20 сайтам
  • Ottima, una volta capito è molto facile da utilizzare e fa quello che deve. Altamente personalizzabile, veloce e leggera. Aggiunta consigliatissima, vi cambierà il modo di usare Firefox.