keep up the good work Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

C'est bien continuez mon ami. Keep up-to-date.

Good app. Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I runs most games I play very well, but some of them don't open. but that's fine, I like this very much.

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Works for the most part So far I have only had a few games not function on it.

No effect whatsoever Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

So far this hasn't worked on any of the games I play or tried it in, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate sp1 64b fully up to date. There appears to be no way to control what it's alleged capabilities can do. (no button in any browser bars or any context in right click mouse controls). I'm an above average user, as in I'm a certified puta technician and I've checked and checked again my settings to ensure the problem isn't at my end of things. So I award it 1* because to post this I have to, it just does nothing. (I have checked the home site for possible solutions by the way)

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It would be perfect if there was a mode where game (or video) is maximized inside browser window area...

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It works okay, but the problem is, achievements / Kongregate Badges are broken if you play with SwiftOut. That's kind of a fatal flaw.

One problem in perfectness Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Hi, i got this problem with new kingdom rush in armored games. It worked perfectly, but then i exited through esc and now everytime i reload game it starts to flicker like loading, but it isnt downloading anything or cant download it fully. It worked very well first time so i wanted to know is there way to fix this? Other games what i've tested have worked well.

I have the same issue on the new kingdom rush even though I didn't press esc, so this isn't something you could have avoid ihmo. There is something is the loading of the game that seem to cause this. It's too bad that it occured on such a great game.

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good for most games but doesn't work on happy wheels. MY FAVORITE GAME!!!
3/5 for now

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I have read over the reviews and some of the problems individuals were having on "login sites" such as FB.

according to your answer to one reviewer, because these sites require a login, the app will not work because it opens the prog in a separate window.

does this separate window not carry the cookies that send a message back to the prog indicating you are logged in?

ideally, i'm looking for an add-on that allows performance full screen for flash...which i understand may be a pipe dream and may be constrained by the programming itself.

ideally, i would like the least amount of scaling, yet maximize the screen, from the description, this is what your app does...or am i not following the details correctly.

i had noticed another user, playing "hidden chronicles" a FB game that gave the add-on excellent reviews, so once again i remain a bit confused.

as my review is in question form, i have given it a 5 star rating as i see nothing else that compares at this point.

Thanks for review

You did understand really well SwiffOut behavior. All your description exactly match how SwiffOut works.

Some games work if the connection is handled within the game or by a token given when the flash game load others won't. It depends. The window I open is not a browser, so it doesn't send or have any cookies. I didn't though about that issue when creating SwiffOut, but I'm not sure it would have changed anything :
It would be difficult to do better than what SwiffOut does today. The only way I can think of would be to create a small browser dedicated to playing flash game full screen, but you would have to use that instead of your browser to play fullscreen. Would you ?

Not working for me for Facebook game Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

Running Firefox 17.0.1 on Windows 8. Start Casino game in Facebook. Activate SwiffOut. Blank black screen though right click will bring up menu. I suspect that activating SwiffOut uses the tab the game is running in to go to your site and disconnects the game.

How Swiffout works

SwiffOut works by creating a new window and loading the game inside it. It doesn't load games from the browser, so this is a problem with websites that require login like Facebook. SwiffOut doesn't work everywhere but when it works it's really the best full screen you can get.

Try it on armorgames or kongregate to check if everything is working correctly if you still want to try.

The navigation to the other website is required so that the game will not be loaded twice (it's not here to bug you ). Usually SwiffOut will try to warn you if something doesn't work, but not all errors are detectables.

Thanks Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I really appreciate the quick response, it's very clear and now I understand better the way it works, definitely I'll keep on using it!

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absolument super et en plus compatibles avec firefox 12 bêta contrairement a flash games maximizer il est beaucoup plus rapide vraiment mieux en tout point indispensable pour toutes les animations flash et vitale pour les amateur de jeux flash.

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Pretty decent when I tried it on some of my favorite flash games but its terrible for Tibia when using their flash client. without custom resizing the game is incredible tiny even in full screen. also that game makes full use of right clicking which doesnt work with swiffout. But otherwise minus the custom resolution issue and some games its pretty good.

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Would you be kind and issue a new version?

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If I can get this thing to work with Kongregate's progress tracking widgets it'll be awesome. I might be able to drop the second installation of Firefox I made to run games in, since half the reason I did that was to use the mousewheel.

I'm thinking it might be possible to integrate it with FlashBlock so that you don't have to exit the page to unload the browser's copy of the swf. (It currently doesn't recognize FlashBlock'd items; I don't know what they look like internally though.)

I get squished things in fullscreen too; somehow, it ignores ATI Catalyst's rescaling settings completely and goes for fully stretched, which can be icky on a widescreen monitor.

I believe someone else recommended something like choosing the next highest highest resolution (optionally, fitting your aspect) that can fit the game and centering it or anchoring it at your choice of edge would be great. It would also make it work better with odd sized games.

Would an option to pipe the games through one of Adobe's standalone player executables be useful?

Flash game do not loading Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

Don't work !!!

Could you be a little bit more precise ?

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This was very nearly the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately, it squashes some of my favorite games in a way I don't like. For instance, on the add-on homepage you've got cursed treasure filling the screen, but when I gave it a shot it squashed to about 2/3 what I'm used to. Get it to zoom to the closest edge without warping, and it would be an absolute winner! I'm also not sure if badges and achievements will activate while playing fullscreen. For the games that work, I'll use this every time!

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SwiffOut switches the resolution to the closest of the game, it seems that your monitor or video card do not support a resolution that closely match this game. I try to not resize games as it sometimes causes scaling issues. I'll try to add an option when I'll have time.
Thanks for useful feedback.

Thank you Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Thank you for the quick response. Here's hoping to reinstall Swiffout again. God bless you.

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Excellent! Has worked well with several games on Armor Games. Great job!

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well this add-on was good on flash with same size ratio... but what the... for long-size flash it's just show up bit crappy to my taste...