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  • It works as expected and looks decent. Branding is good. I'd prefer not overloading the bookmarking system for storage. It causes problems. It also makes cross-browser difficult. Dropbox sync plus a new Chrome extension and you'd win the "Session Manager" showdown easily.
    There are a lot of addons that do similar things yet all of them are somehow different. In this case... the bookmarking system is actually a core feature of the addon. I do understand that it's not perfect but there's no perfect solution. Perfect it's an individual preference and as a developer it's impossible for me to target everything. And I think that's fine, each of us will look for that we think fits better our needs.

    That being said, I'm sorry that you consider the bookmarking system a not so good fit for this, but sadly it's a core feature of the product and it's impossible to change. If I would do that ever it will definitely be a different addon. I believe that that Sync-ing with Dropbox or other solutions might be another good feature but at the same time without offering a cross-browser solution it can be quite pointless. Why there's no Chrome port of this addon. Simply because I don't have time to write it. I have so many features waiting on the list to be implemented into this addon, but at the same time the Chrome version is not so important for me as a developer. This addon was built for Firefox and I continue to do so as a thanks for the Mozilla community. It's for Firefox and I don't think I really want to provide a Chrome version because I don't want to promote a different browser. And of course... competing with Session Buddy is quite pointless at this moment. That doesn't mean I won't do this ever but for the moment I clearly have no motivation to do so.

    Ultimately, the addon can't be perfect for everyone, but it can be almost perfect for those that find it useful as it is. Thanks for considering using it.
  • This is an awesome and very useful extension, but please, please make it "compatible" with Tree style tabs! It could be such a breakthrough for the daily workflows of the TST users! (I will add the same comment to the TST developers. I am almost sure there will be an "easy" solution to store tree info in the bookmarks from which the whole tree can be built back easily by TST when a session is restored...) Thanks a lot!
    Thanks for review. Adding support for TST is a feature request that I had for a while (https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues/43). I understand why it would be so useful and I really want to add support for it but it's not really easy for me to do so. Because I use bookmarks and I store them linearly it's quite problematic to rebuild the TST structure. I might be able to do so using by saving additional information alongside bookmarks but that's no longer possible since WebExtension API. I have some alternative solutions but all of them have a few drawbacks and I'm still pondering on which method to implement since it can happen that by uninstalling the addon to lose everything not saved in bookmarks and that might be pretty bad for the addon. Anyway, I try to add this feature, can't promise how fast I will be able to do so but I definitely want to hurry up with it. Thanks again for your support.
  • I was using Tab Session Manager but this one's sooooo much better! Even better than Session Buddy (IMO) what with the syncing between devices and whatnot.

    Good work!
    Thanks a lot for the review as well as for using the addon
  • Sieht sehr gut aus, hat ein super Tutorial, synchronisiert zwischen verschiedenen Geräten, was will man mehr?! Vielen Dank für das tolle Add-on!
    Don't know german but I translated it. Thank you for using the addon and for the nice review. Danke schön
  • Awesome addon, I've been looking for this for years ! I even started to develop one myself, as all the other I've tried weren't satisfying for my needs.
    Thank you Gabriel :)
    Thanks a lot as well. It's great to hear that others find it as useful as myself.
  • Best "session manager" for Firefox, constantly updated.
    Thank you for using "the best session manager" :D. I still have a long list of overdue features but I will try to push through them over time.
  • Nice looking Addon. Would be nice, if I could save all oopen Windows (sessions) with one click.

    edit: welp, did not see that Slider! Thank You. 5*
    (I think it would be nice if all the windows from one Session would be stored in one parent folder.)
    Later edit:
    Thanks for updating the review. Regarding the question with storing all sessions in a parent folder. I will try to add an option to do this in a future version.

    Thanks for review. Not sure what exactly do you mean by saving all with one click. Can't you do that right know ? I mean... there's a button on the addon taskbar to the right, just above the current tabs that when pressed will show all tabs from all windows. If you have that ON, then when saving all windows will be saved (each one separated into it's own folder but all of them will be saved) with one click. Is there something else you would expect from it ?
  • This addon seemed to be good, but its has two major flaws to me:
    1) It is not capable of opening up in a single window more than 54 tabs (while my sessions are usually over 80).

    2) Even when it restores my session to a previous one, it only shows the last page I visited in each tab, but it won't restore the history of each of those tabs.

    Can anyone of you just develop something for Firefox in the vein of Session Buddy for Chrome? Such app works great. As much as I love Firefox, after 12 years of use I'm seriously thinking about switching to Chrome due to the nuisance of not having my sessions-history saved as a whole.

    Dear developer, Is there a way I can get by with these issues? Can you help me with 1) and 2)? Thanks in advance.
    1) I don't really get what's with that specific number in your case. There are users that even restore 1000 tabs. I tried with a few hundreds and is working flawlessly. Do you want to just restore them (lazy loading) or even load them. I would recommend to have lazy loading activated because otherwise opening over 100 tabs won't be an addon issue but most probably will depend on hardware configuration and if the browser can cope with that. Any chance you might be able to explain me a little in more details what exactly it is happening in your case (you can do so over email (use the Feedback Button from the addon menu) or by submitting a Github issue (https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues))

    2) Sadly, as much as this would be considered a great feature, that's clearly something I never intended to do with this addon because it's simply not possible to do with Bookmark storage. Didn't know that Session Buddy does this. I just wonder, let's say I would keep the history somehow... but for how long exactly, you can end up thousands of history pages for each tab if you re-save for example a certain session again and again, and again. You clearly need to stop somewhere because otherwise I can see a lot of problems... (performance wise) Of course... for example this can be configurable so that I can set it with a depth of 10 pages, and if the users wants more he can set whatever number he wishes but with a clear warning that doing so it can affect performance.
    Can I do something like this... with some hacks I might be able to do (not sure right now though)... but not really if I really should implement such a feature since it can affect the performance for 99.99% of users that most probably don't need such thing. Probably only if it's a feature disabled by default and you can activate it. I wanted to do something similar a while ago but only for seeing a graphical representation of history, not to save it as well. For what you're asking I can definitely say that is clearly not something easy to implement, but I have some other features that once implemented might prove to help me to do such thing, but I really can't promise anything.

    Thanks for feedback.
  • Fantastics add-on - thank you!
    The only thing missing to get full 5stars is .... replace.
    Replace all current/open tabs with session.
    Finding that having to close all tabs first, then launching the new tabs - it's a 2 step process, when it could be one?
    Some other tab sesison managers have this ability, wondering if it has been considered.
    Otherwise - excellent UI and very simple to use!
    Thanks again!
    Thanks a lot, as for the question,
    Yes. I had consider it. There are a few users that sent me some feedback on this.
    Sometimes the way you design certain feature may prevent you to be able to add some other simple features like you describe.
    The addon let's you open tabs from multiple sessions. And I have no good solution for tracking which tab came from which session (and it's pretty had to implement one as well). My point is... if you want replace the current session, do you want to save the "session" that will be closed automatically ? Because if you don't then I can do that pretty easy. But if you do want that... then I have no idea what tab and where I should save... Can't replace the session, can't save them as a new session... i can't seem to find a good solution for this. Also, what happens if you have multiple windows, and so on.
    Truth is.. you can take 2 people and ask them how do they see a certain feature and chances are they won't expect the same outcome because each individual person has it's own way of interacting with windows/tabs and the concept of session my be different, etc. Any new feature I add I have to think about how exactly I can cover most of the use cases and sometimes it's not really easy to do that.
    My solution for this is basically... I will try provide to multiple possible solution but I need to first implement a configurable toolbar so that people can hide buttons that will never want to use or use extremely rarely, and have those be available in a hidden dropdown list to the right of the toolbar.
    Thanks as well.
  • Задумка отличная, но много недоработок:
    - Автосохранение сессий по времени не работает. Сессии сохраняются при закрытии Firefox
    - При восстановлении сессий порядок следования вкладок ВСЕГДА меняется на обратный. Я сообщал об этом разработчику 2-3 месяца назад - исправления нет.
    - Сессии сохраняются при закрытии последнего окна Firefox. Если к основному окну (100 вкладок) я открыл дополнительное с парой вкладок и при закрытии Firefox последним закрыл дополнительное окно, то ВСЕ, ВСЯ СЕССИЯ УТЕРЯНА!!! А авто-сохранение не работает!
    PS: Thanks for the quick response. Your addition is good and very necessary! I would very much like you to take the time to fix the autosave by time and the sequence of tabs during restoration. Good luck!
    I don't know Russian and I used Google translate. I will respond for each of your points
    - The auto-save functionality is working how it was implemented. That's not saying that it's how you would expect it to be working. I know that I made a bad decision to automatically save over the same session and that's what causes that issue. I know it's not great, I've been working on a better solution but I just didn't have time to finish it (As much as I really care about the addon, we all have sometimes other priorities). That doesn't mean I don't plan to update it. I will push an update with some bug-fixes in 1-2 days, sadly doesn't fix one of those reported by you because they ended up being far more complex to finish.
    - I will assume that's happening only because you have set the Firefox option to OPEN NEW TAB NEXT TO THE CURRENT ONE. Because otherwise the order they open should be the same. I'm sorry that I coulnd't fix this in time although you reported it a while ago but I simple didn't know what would cause it and I had no idea it was because of that firefox setting until another user told me about it. Now I know, I had a few solutions for it, but it's not really great because it creates other problems and I simply can't read Firefox settings from the addon and I have no good solution how to fix this automatically. I mean, I have to reverse the order tabs normally open because of that setting and I can't know for sure when I should do that or not. Probably I will add an option to toggle the order tabs are open and let user fix it as they consider. I will try to provide this option in the next update (like I said it should be available in 1-2 days as I still want to make sure everything works as expected)
    - Yes your right, but that's because of the way I implemented it. I will try to hurry up and finish the new implementation.
    I promise that I will fix them, If by any chance you will still consider using it again by that time and you consider things are fixed please remember about this review and think about updating it.
    Thanks a lot for feedback.
  • Hi Gabriel,
    1) You mentioned in the description about Advanced Bookmark Manager. But after the installation of the add-on I couldn't search/edit any bookmarks. Should I import all the bookmarks first from FF Bookmark Manager?
    2) And if yes to question #1 - should I save the bookmarks every time only using this add-on or they will be automatically synced with FF Bookmark Manager?
    3) Is it possible to search through bookmark folder names? Because in FF Bookmark Manager it's only allowed to search for bookmarks names, but not the folders' names.
    1) As of right now the addon does not let you search through all the bookmarks. Only those that you save or add inside the (Bookmark Menu -> SessionSync) folder. If you look in the bookmark manager you can see the folder there. By Advanced Bookmark Manager I meant that the addon can be used with that purpose in mind because you can manually save every tab, group of tabs, order them, edit, delete, etc but only if you do this through the addon UI.
    2) Automatically saved sessions (those from History Tab) are not saved in bookmark because that might cause performance issues. Saving is done manually when you need to save something. I would say that the addon fits perfectly somewhere in the middle of an Bookmark Manager and a Session Manager, because it's mostly intended to have good control on what you want to do, and offers a very common Bookmark Manager experience, as well as because all the saving is done in Bookmarks.
    NO, as long as you have Firefox Sync enabled (or whatever bookmark syncing solution you might use) all your bookmarks will be synced. Like I mentioned, all your Bookmarks are saved in the [Bookmark Menu -> SessionSync] folder so of course you will be able to find them there and interact with them even if you don't have the addon installed. For example that's what I do on my mobile phone. I access them through the Firefox mobile boomark manager because I don't a mobile version yet, but I can still access all my saves very easy.
    3) In the addon panel you have a search bar in top-left. Or simply after you open the addon panel, press CTRL + F and then start typing. Search only works for folder names at this moment (sadly). If you want to search through Bookmarks... for the moment the Firefox URL bar can do that ... yes you will search through all the bookmarks not only those saved by the addon but at least it works.
    In case you didn't seen the Tutorial, please look over it because it might explain a lot of the addon features (with images also). The tutorial can be access from the addon menu (top-right button from the addon-panel)
    If you have other questions regarding the functionality you can also contact me over the mail. Just press on the "Send Feedback" button from the addon menu and the mail application should open with my address already completed.

    Thanks for feedback
  • Liked the functionality and look of this add-on, but didn't like that there is no context menu when you right-click on a tab. You should be able to right-click a tab, go down to "Session Sync" and then choose to move the tab to a different group or a new group. Ideally, it would be nice to select multiple tabs at once and move them all to an existing or new group. Currently trying other add-on's but will check back with this one later.

    Response to developer: Added another star for you being so on top of the reviews and replying to them quickly. :)

    What I was asking for was to be able to right-click an actual tab (not just in the Session Sync interface) and have a way in the context menu that pops up to change the tab from the current active group to another group and then have the tab close automatically since it's no longer in the active group. I'm a right-clicker. Just seems more natural than looking for a toolbar button each time.

    As for the multiple tab moving thing, I think a lot of people who are looking at this type of add-on are like me and have a BUNCH of tabs open. I currently have over 1000 since I research a lot of things and get sidetracked easily. That's why I also asked about being able to move multiple tabs at once. This could even be done in the Session Sync interface if you could shift-click a bunch of tabs in the list and then move them to another group. Anything to quickly break up the 1000 tabs into smaller groups so it doesn't take Firefox so long to open... From your github page, it looks like you're working on this stuff already, though.
    ------------- Later edit ---------------

    Thanks a lot for providing more details on the requested feature. Now I understand what do you mean by right click on the tab and I think it can be a very useful feature. I will definitely try to see how I can implement this using only the context menu. Not 100% sure it can be done but probably I can do something about it. If the API let's me get the multiple tab selection (from when you SHIFT select many tabs) I will try to add support for it as well.
    Many thanks for giving me another star :). I really appreciate it.

    Hi. You can drag-n-drop any tab to another Window group (active window) and reorder them. Yes you can't drag a tab into a certain saved session but that's a wonderful idea and I can definitely implement it very fast. Multiple tab selection is not that easy to implement but I have it planed for a later update.
    If you consider to provide a better description of the feature you want please send me an email (through the Feedback button from the addon-menu) or submit a new issue on Github.
    Probably it's better to also take a look over all the features that I plan to add just to make sure that what you want is not already planned. https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues/40
    Thanks for trying the addon, and when I will have all those features that you want implemented please remember to come back and reconsider the feedback.
  • This add-on was offered for my Android phone. However, after I accepted I was advised that it was not available for my platform!

    The response from the Developer was professional and accurate. I have tried the Addon with Firefox and it is superb. In the light of this I have amended my feedback.
    wow. I wasn't really expected such a change. Thanks a lot for considering giving it a second chance.
    P.S I do hope I will be able to port it sometime on Android. Thanks again.

    It's not my fault that the site recommended you this addon on Android :). The addon is clearly not marked as Android compatible so I have no idea what exactly happened. I hope you can understand that by giving a 1 star rating for such a cause you actually hurt the developer without solving anything.
  • Wonderful.
    I hope that in the future you will not introduce features which require dangerous permissions, as the Mysessions addon did.
    Thank you very much for your work :)
    Thanks for feedback. I promise that I won't add any dangerous new permissions. I care deeply about privacy and I'll make sure no tracking can ever be done. This addon is one of the few ones that doesn't use a favicon database that can possible track users (like the http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain_url={Domains_URL_of_a_tab}. that so many addons use). If I ever need to add a new permissions most probably I will provide it only as an optional permission that can be activated on demand (or not).