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  • Very nice tool, useful for quickly testing RESTful services. There is however some room for improvement, oauth support is very basic and sometimes the response formatter omitts text present in the raw response. Nevertheless very useful tool. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated!
  • I'm currently writing a REST server and this extension is my primary testing tool. Sleek and full-featured : Nice work !
  • I absolutely love this tool! It makes my life as an Android developer much easier--I can easily execute requests and inspect their responses before I dive into implementing it.
  • Very nice addon. UI is well designed and I love the fact that I can save queries.

    I'm trying to figure out if I can use this test file upload as well via mult-part form or raw file in the body of a PUT or POST. Is this possible?
  • It is quite good. However I'm not happy to see that adding and removing headers are not as convenient as other similar add-ons. I have to type the header name & value (other add-ons allow to select from available lists), and favorite headers are too short, I can't distinguish the favorite ones starting with the same name (like "Content-Type: applicat..."). Besides, if I want to remove a header, I have to remove all of them and add needed ones again. The only thing I like about this add-on is its ability to highlight the response body.
  • Thanks for this great addon for Firefox. It's user interface is clear and complete.
  • Excellent add-on. I use it at work everyday and I'm more than happy with it. The highlighting feature has some limitations, though. The highlighting is based on the KelpJSONView.js which is using JSON.parse() and if you have some large numbers (longer than 15 digits) you lose precision and you end up with wrong values. That is happening because in JavaScript those numbers are saved as floating point numbers. A fix for that is to detect those numbers before calling the JSON.parse() method and convert them to strings for example.
  • This is a great plugin. Helps a lot while debugging any rest service. Quick simple but very effective and poweful.

    One small request ::
    If possible, can you please include below mentioned library in this plugin? This will help viewing the response in more structured view.

  • As a developer of mobile apps backed by restful servers, this has been an invaluable tool for me. It saves so much time over typing commands into curl on the command line.
  • Ever since this plugin updated to 2.*.* from 1.3.*, me and several people I work with, cannot add custom Headers (or any headers at all for that matter) and also there are other anomalies that I never saw with the older version. intermittently sometimes when installed it works but returns nothing but blank responses. Cannot update to old version, even my old firefox 3.6 portable is not installing it ,says not compatible. But it always was compatible!
  • Face it -- the work of a developer is hard. It is even harder when there is a lack of good tools for testing and debugging software – particularly web services. In the past, I used to write test harnesses that required bulky IDE’s with steep learning curves. I was like, “surely, there has to be a better way to do this…” After some research, I found RESTClient. RESTClient is FireFox plugin for testing web services that is simple, low-level, and easy to use. I simply fill out the request and run it. Then RESTClient shows me exactly what the webserver sent without all the unnecessary fluff of a fancy IDE’s. Its simplicity has saved me hours of frustration and work. But don’t let the name fool you. RESTClient works with REST services, but it will also post back and receive XML and it works JSON data too. The bottom line is this: RESTCLient penultimate web service debugging tool because its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Thanks Chao for this beautiful tool. five stars!
  • Querystrings break authentication. Pretty useless until this is fixed.

    Looks nicer now, but need to scroll up and down. Looks more compact in 2.0.1 via nightly build, but querystring still doesn't work. Sticking with 1.3.5 until then.

    Still better than any of the chrome clients, and when this is fixed it will be a five star app. Unfortunately, functionality is more important than looks.
    I hope the new released 2.0.3 will fix your problem ;)
  • After the 2.0.0 release, I emailed Chao with a "WTF?". He's is fixing it...

    This REST Client still rocks; give him a little break before you flame, fer Christ's sake!

    BTW the REST Client for Chrome is awful. It can't handle HTTPS without choking. Give Chao a chance to work it out; he'll clean it up. Maybe you can stop gripping and volunteer to help him code?
    Thanks for your understanding, really appreciate!
  • What a drag. This tool was fantastic. Now it isn't even usable. Oh well; One less reason to use Firefox Uninstalling now. I think there is a decent REST client for chrome.
  • The product WAS great. Now, it just looks great, but is not really usable any more.

    Version 2.0.1 is much better than version 2.0.0; But not so great, as 1.3.x. Much functions are more than one click away (headers, open request), custom request headers are not visible with one look. You get much slower while working with it due to the bad usability.

    Be careful! I imported an 1.3.x request to my favorites (renamed it from .txt to .json) in version 2.0.0 since I have not found a way to import them correctly. Favorites are now not usable any more. You break the tool! And you can't undo it! At least, I have not found a way :-/

    Please give us back the good old restclient!
    Please update to version 2.0.1
  • v2.0.1 is much better than v2.0.0. Most of the functionality that was broken by v2.0.0 seems to be back. Just need some time to get used to the new UI
  • I do not like the new GUI. I use your RestClient to test web services; the last thing I care for is it to look pretty. There’s a lot of empty space taken up by headings now and the fonts are huge. Before I could see the response on my screen, now I have to scroll down to it.
    Indeed, I will expand the form size in future.
  • The old version of RESTClient was almost perfect in every way. You've managed to slow it down, make it overly graphic, remove useful features, and kill backward compatibility with saved requests. Worst upgrade ever. Please roll back to the previous version. This new one is useless.
  • WTF...plugin upgraded and I can't import my previous definitions. Please bring back the old version until you have the migration issue solved. Seems 2.0.0 version is an eye-candy upgrade that wasn't ready for prime time.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, version 2.0.1 solved the problem. RESTClient 2.0.1 is still waiting for review, but you can still install it now by follow this link
  • absolutely missing the usability.. missing the last version a lot.. seriously do u think people doing dev/testing with rest client really bother much for beautification? anyway hope to find another better one... +1 for permalink's review
    The idea is re-design the whole UI by HTML instead of XUL, so it will be easier to be implemented on other browsers, such as google chrome, and safari. If you don't like the new UI please just downgrade to version 1.3.5.
  • OMG firefox upgtraded, and now I have this. Functionality is probably ok, but regardless of the color scheme I choose it is well nigh impossible to read the text in the UI clearly. Much too little contrast, like nothing I have ever seen before. Beautiful, if you like lightly brushed water-colors and something nice to look at. But not really usable. Going to search for another rest client.
    You are right, I will try to improve the UI in future release.
  • I will set the excellent mark, but anyway the new version still requires additional improvement. Without some of them, it might be tricky to use it :)
    - format XML response (add indentation)
    - JSON is not highlighted properly (properties, objects, values have the same color - red)
    - when I copy a text from response body (highlight), I get a non-formatted result.
    - a minor error, but when I press the Send button, the active tab below is changed to the first tab.
    - Manage Favorites always shows me an empty window, however the address bar in the RESTClient contains marked requests with a star.
    Thank you for your review.

    The XML indentation, response tab, favorite url bug will be fixed in 2.0.1.

    I will try to improve JSON highlight in future version.
  • 2.0.0 doesn't format XML nicely. Makes it pretty unusable for me. Keep using old version.
    Please keep using old version until we release version 2.0.1
  • Hi i feel the latest version 2.0.0 has gone backwards with its functionality. In version 1.3.5 you had immediate access to the buttons but now in the latest you don't. I will use the previous version as it is heaps more useful.
    What do you mean the "immediate access to the buttons"?