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  • 很好用,url的输入框最好再长一点
  • It's very good
  • I like too much this extension, but please, when is going to be upgrade to use un ff 57.0

  • Very useful app, helps me at least once a week. Thanks!
  • I don't known that this would be a feature or a bug, but I can not paste into the URL field when I want to build the url by hand.

    When I paste a part of an URL into the field, the filed getting overwritten. This is very annoying when I have to cut only a part of the URL, and I build the URL by hand.
  • Nice GUI, works well for testing POST requests
  • 最新版的火狐不能用这个插件了,什么时候能更新下
  • 为什么不能用呢?
  • 不能下载使用了
  • If I switch from http://localhost:8080/domain/rest/abc to http://localhost:8080/domain/rest/xyz, the 2nd url /.../xyz is called twice, only the 1st time, then as long as the url stays the same, it's called just once. Anytime I switch to a new url , the new url is called twice. Verified my app code & using Firefox/Postman (does not happen)
  • HI,
    it's possible to send an array value via POST?
  • Very simple, versatile and practical.
    Developer, please consider adding an option to not follow redirects, this is especially useful when the request method is HEAD.
  • Add an option to put a content-type when posting or putting. Its pretty much best practice today.
  • Ne fonctionne pas pour les PUT
  • 这个插件很不错,Very Good.
  • Love this plugin - really helps me debug
  • ngon
  • Hi, could you tell me if we can get the plugin working on Solaris 11 x86? I get the message "Non disponible sur votre plateforme" on Solaris 11.

    Thanks very much in advance
  • Everything is working fine on Firefox 46.