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  • 最新版本,那个restclient 我当前页面请求的数据,新建个页面再用restclient ,去看别的软件,再看火狐,发现两个页面的rest数据都一样,很不方便。每次我都退版本
  • Love the extension but waiting desperately for the oauth features
  • Easy to use!
    It let's you save your frequently used REST calls in the form of favorites -- super helpful!
  • 1.更新了Firefox和扩展3.0.4以后,发现GET请求时,如果请求XML格式的数据,则请求一直停留在Successed! Processing result...的界面.而请求 json数据正常。
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI design, would be nice if multiple tabbed view was supported, but can still use multiple browser tab.
  • 试试看,看起来不错样子
  • can't stop processing response.
  • I use Firefox Quantum 57.0 (64-bit) and when I save a header they get lost after opening a new tab or new session.
    Please update to RESTClient 3.0.4. You can use the data migration window to import your headers from RESTClient 2
  • 怎么退回到原来的版本?现在这个版本不仅让原来保存的request全没了,而且使用中收不到response的message,没法正常使用了——谢谢,退回了

    点击安装,装老版本后原来的数据都在。只是Firefox 57不在支持老的扩展接口了。数据没办法迁移过来。
  • 更新很及时,功能稍微有些缺陷只是麻烦点但暂时够用了。
  • I've been a loyal user of this add-on for a few years and have been fairly happy with it, despite some weird quirks in the UI. However, this latest update is absolutely pathetic. I lost all my saved custom headers in the transition, and in fact even after adding them back and then later restarting firefox, I lost them again.
    The old version of RESTClient uses SQLite to store all your requests and custom headers. However the new Firefox only supports Web Extension which has no access to SQLIte database anymore. I cannot find a way to transfer old data from RESTClient 2 to RESTClient 3. You can export your requests from RESTClient2 then import to version 3. But you have to transfer custom headers manually, really sorry about that.

    Could you provide more details about the problem of losing custom headers in version 3? For example, what's your Firefox version? Are you using mac or windows? I'll try to fix it in the next version.
  • 不好用,接收不到json,还得设置一堆东西,建议参考postman,比这个友好多了,简直没有可比性
  • After update to Firefox Quantum, this doesn't works. Thanks for create this add-on and please, fix-it ASAP. thanks
  • 火狐一升级,这个就用不了。。。。。
  • 一更新新版就不行了