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It really doesn't suit me to have web-dev tools in the lower left of my screen (where I keep other stuff) - I want to be able to move the toolbar to the top, remove buttons and change the Ctrl+Shift+F hotkey; that one is used by the Web Developer toolbar too, by the way...

Plus, it's a small set of tools taking up a fraction of my wide screen monitor, but I can't add any more buttons to the toolbar they are on, unlike the Web Developer toolbar, which allows you to fill the rest of it up.

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Hello there.

Thanks for your feedback.
Trying to help you using it, I want to tell you that you can use the F4 hotkey as well, to open the phpdevbar, which I'd advise to close after using(esc can do this job).
Just to explain a bit more, we tried to give the PHPDevBar a behavior similar to the native "find" tool, which opens with F3, closes with esc, has just some specific/useful tools, and also, which you keep most of the time closed, showing it only when you need it.

I'll take a look about this idea of yours, to add buttons to it and how I could enable that to this kind of element.
Again, all the feedback is quite welcome and we keep a lot of opened channels for communication(twitter, e-mail, website, facebook, etc), feel free to get in touch(no need to give us 2 stars before sending a feedback, next time, though), we will hear you and do our best to improve this addon, specially because the users and communities are exactly what make this addon better.

We will work on what you said and do our best to increase its quality and accessibility.
Thanks for your feedback.

Felipe <>