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  • nytt o.gammalt som möts! natt och gryning

  • I have always loved Nightly and now Firefox has caught up to Waterfox!!

  • Ok

  • Beautiful! I love it. Thank you.

  • It's beautiful!!!

  • đẹp, tôi thích nó

  • Bad ass, the Fox.

  • Astonishing design, definitely one of my favorite themes so far.

  • That's cool.

  • Мне очень нравится

  • This theme is just beautiful. Works perfectly on Aurora on Ubuntu. Thank you for your great job!

  • J'apprécie ce thème, les termes employés sont bien mis en évidence, sauf peut être à la fin de la barre ou ils sont un peu trop clairs.

  • it's so amazing persona

  • I've seen the future : it's in my browser ;)

  • cool looking

  • the only persona that i have used for a long time now ...

  • I love it!

  • just the best

  • Veramente bellissimo e ottima visibilità del testo

  • This is Hip, Smooth and Cool! I absolutely Love it.......one of the most soothing personas yet. Thanks, Firefox....... Beardawg

  • Wunderschöne Grafik

  • Awesome¡¡¡¡ great job

  • Very Cooooool!!!

  • Awesome! Can you by any chance "reverse" this to opposite direction so one has an option of the Aurora being on right side or left side? Just a thought there! :)
    PS: Maybe an option to enlarge toolbar lettering just a little bit?

  • After going through many add-ons, I found this one to be very cool and still able to read ALL my apps.
    Thanks, Elliot