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  • badly needed update because the original macfox theme is no longer supported.. hey! This is my favourite Theme! clean elegant and simply beautiful
  • please update and fix the setting menu problem. and also put the fav icon back. this is a very nice theme
  • please update and fix the setting menu problem. and also put the fav icon back
  • Need an update for 3.6! Hurry plz coz it's my favourite theme!
  • Update for stable version of FX 3.6? Anytime soon?
  • They should never have changed the theme for firefox 2 (is so clean and pretty) interface as well as Tiger, thanks for this theme well done
  • Very nice theme, but is there a problem with the tabs in Advanced Option window? they just do not pick up the theme and windows standard theme is seen
  • Beautiful theme. However, it removes all my bookmark toolbar icons, which is a huge disappointment since I use the icons by themselves with no text. Even if I kept the text, I would want icons. So that's too bad.

    But anyway, the theme really does look nice so I'll try to figure out how to edit the CSS and make it stop hiding icons. :)
  • Very nice theme. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with ColorfulTabs. Instead of the tabs becoming colored, the color layer is positioned behind the tab giving only a slightly colored edge around the tab.
  • Is there any chance that we can get a graphite version? Nice theme by the way.
  • This looks good, but How can I edit this macfoxIII Theme Add-ons?

    E-Mail: topher.zheng@gmail.com
  • It will better is the loading tab color lighter
  • if the the color of loading tab change to lighter color, it will better, it's deep blue now, use light blue blue will be better
  • Very nice! Great theme for having a clean Mac style with a little color and the Firefox 2.0 icons look very nice. One complaint, if you click on the urlbar Edit Bookmark button, the "Remove Bookmark" text is almost invisible, it might need a button around it.
  • Love it.
  • nice theme!
  • @Warmachine25: no, it happens to me too, and I have the Italian version.
    By the way, the old userchrome line for the favicons in the bookmarks toolbar doesn't work anymore. Is there a new one? Anybody know?
  • Very nice, clean, functional theme! Thanks for the good work.
  • Hi. I've some problems with my Firefox 3.5 in the Settings menu, it looks like this:
    Is it because I use the hungarian version?
  • very nice!
    Clean and simple
  • great! all the best with the improvements!
  • Review of macfoxIII 1.4.6:
    I really miss the icons of macfox II. Though I have no idea if dkgo can get permission to use them.

    If the icons can't be fixed, at least this theme should be renamed.
  • It's a good implementation, but not good for people who use graphite theme. Will there be graphite version as well?
  • On Mac OSX, the back/forward buttons are not unified, and there are extra down-arrows next to each one in addition to the unified down-arrow
  • Excellent!