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  • Excellent tool for finding image source or better quality versions of images.
  • Please tell why does your plugin need full access to all my websites data in new release?
    It only accesses 'google.*' sites.

    Originally it only had a permission for 'google.com' but then it failed on 'google.co,jp'


    It is not practical to list all google TLDs like 'google.com, google.co.uk, google.co.jp,' etc

    The permission API at the moment doesn't have a system to include a wildcard in TLD and that is the reason a general all sites permission had to be used. I had asked (11 months ago) for a better API but it was not accepted.

  • Simple and effective. It just works.
  • Makes image searching so much easier!
  • Es muy util y certera!
  • Why 4 out of 5?

    Please don't mark the add-on down for a feature request or support queries.
    Please post all support questions/requests to the support topic.
  • It just works as it should