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  • it was awesome add ins for firfox and handy, but in new version firefox and also this add ins new version translator popup is not working, can easily translate but in reverse translating time pop up does not work, which was working before. hopefully it will be resolve soon in next update. and also ctrl + Z and does not keep the history of previous messages. which all was working before.
  • "Click to show the translation" does not work.
  • To jest zdecydowanie najwygodniejsze narzędzie do tłumaczenia tekstu ze stron internetowych z jakimi miałem okazję się zapoznać na przestrzeni ostatnich 20 lat. Bardzo wygodne, funkcjonalne i wyposażone w wystarczającą liczbę opcji do konfiguracji aby spełnić większość wymagań każdego aktywnego użytkownika.Szczerze polecam !
  • Useful and handy.
  • Everything is working well, but obviously this add-on affects how the XML files are rendered in the browser (there is no structure shown or there is completely blank view). Please fix this issue as it's quite annoying.
  • Doesn't work last version.
  • Can you please update this! it stopped working month ago on FF67Beta11
  • de muy buen nivel... Gracias!!!
  • now the activation button never comes up, translating by selecting words while pressing certain keys sometimes doesn't work, everything doesn't work on random sites. NOT RECOMMENDABLE.