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  • Also das Ding sorgt für entspannte Unterhaltung am PC mit FIREFOX.
    Wenn man auf Wiederholungen steht, sollte man sich die Zeit nehmen dieses ADDON zu installieren...aber Vorsicht - nach dem xten Versuch könnte es langweilig werden :-(
  • I have experienced exactly the same as many users have reported. On Firefox 31, the garmin dashboard does not recognize that I HAVE INSTALLED the freaking plugin. This is driving me nuts. How am I gonna get through holidays?
  • The website never detects that the plugin is installed. I tried chrome and was able to get the software installed for anyone that actually wants to be able to use the gps.
  • Opposite to the other user experiences here, this plugin has always worked flawlessly for me. Not sure what happened to their install. Running off Firefox 30, geocaching.com detects the plugin and sends GPX file to my GPS just fine.
  • As with everyone else recently, this fails completely.

    Me: Hey, update my maps for me.
    Garmin: Sure, no problem! Pay us a bunch of money!
    Me: Ok, here.
    G: Thanks! We've taken your money...oh wait, you need to install this plugin before we can give you what you paid for.
    Me: Ok, install the plugin.
    G: Ok, it's installed! Now let me take you back to our page...oh wait, you need to install this plugin before we can give you what you paid for.
    Me: What? I can see it in my list of plugins. It's already installed.
    G: Really? Ok, let me try again...oh wait, you need to install this plugin before we can give you what you paid for.
    Me: Support, help me with this. [type type type]
    G: Thanks for wading through our crappy form! We'll get back to you in 3 business days!
    Me: What the hell?
  • Google Maps does not recognize the Garmin Communicator plugin. I have installed the plug-in from Garmin's site and FireFox warns me that the plug-in is trying to install. I okay it, a download starts and completes, FireFox then tells me that Garmin Communicator will start as soon as FireFox restarts. I let FireFox restart and it comes back to the same page which then prompts me to install Garmin Communicator. Naturally there is no of knowing if it is a Garmin problem, a FireFox problem, or both because customer support is really lacking for both of these products. Very disappointed in Garmin for not making a product easy to use. Disappointed in FireFox for not providing better information to users about the reason why an add-on is not working.
  • This is just garbage. I have installed it at least 8 times. I have actually lost count now. firefox shows it as installed in two places but when I try to send something to my gps it says it's not installed and that I must download it. What a bunch of crap. I only give it one star because I can't give it less than that.
  • not working!
  • As is typical for Garmin, the software is undocumented, buggy, there is NO sane help available from their customer service, and the user is left to try to make sense out of the whole mess.

    Rumor is this Garmin failure is sort of a little bit kinda replaced by Garmin Express, which is another nightmare. Just try downloading that huge piece of bloatware - and note the insane deep-level changes it makes to your registry and the GB of pure evil it adds to your machine.

    And don't forget to note the truly evil Privacy admission. Garmin is a big contractor for the US military - perhaps busy collecting user data to pass onto the evil empire itself.
  • Useless. Not working at all in firefox. It's about time to get this fixed, yes?
  • I can see Garmin Communicator in the list of add-ons but any webpage that attempts to access it fails with directions to install it. After several attempts I gave up and tried IE. It didn't not work either. Then I tried Chrome and it worked. When it works, it is easily a 5 star. When it doesn't, well, a single star is too much to offer.I will say that in the past is has worked.

    Hopefully it will work again in the future as Firefox is my favorite browser! Firefox is up-to-date @ 26.0.
  • from ff22 upwards this plug in does not work any longer :-((
  • 12. COLLECTION, USE AND SHARING OF YOUR INFORMATION: When you download and install the Product and the Software, if applicable to your Garmin device you will upload to Garmin from your device certain historical information that is stored on your device, including track logs (a track log consists of a list of spatial points and the times your device was at given spatial points), and information related to advertisements included with certain applications on your device, such as which advertisements were viewed on your device, how often they were clicked and how often certain actions such as saving a coupon or calling or routing to a location corresponding to an advertisement were performed. You should review our Privacy Statement, which can be found at www.garmin.com/product/privacy, for more information regarding the ways in which we collect, use and share this information. BY DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING THE PRODUCT AND THE SOFTWARE, YOU CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION, USE AND SHARING OF THIS INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PARAGRAPH AND OUR PRIVACY STATEMENT.
  • This addon works perfectly with all my GPS units under Windows Firefox.

    I agree that the needs to be a better Linux solution, but the best way to get around it without modifying the wine configurations is to run the Windows version Firefox via Wine and it works perfectly. Sure its not a native Linux solution, but it works for all models I have tried.

    Here is my write up.
  • Agree ... the "how to use this" is hard to find:
    Go here ... http://my.garmin.com/locate/google-sendtoGPSHelp.htm

    Install the plug-in, define the point in Google Maps, then click "Send" in the upper right corner.
  • First off watch this so you will know how to use the app. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_p1x-fL2zc

    It took me 10 minutes to download the plugin and then I couldn't figure out what to do with it.
    I was expecting a right click option on an address that says send to garmin but no you have to go through the whole process of clicking on the big google map then being redirected to the garmin site then picking your device. Then you would hope that the next time the garmin boots it would say pick that destination first, or maybe put it in the recently found category, NO it's in your favorites menu. You have to scroll down till you can find that company you just looked up. This app really needs to be improved.
  • Maybe I overlooked something, but Ihad to stumble across the way this functions: in the upper-right hand corner of the map is a "Send" link. This will offer options to send the data to several places, including GPS. Specifying Garmin will take you to the Garmin Send To GPS page, where you can complete the transfer. Works for my c340!
  • Worked with my Edge 705 and Forerunner 305 on PC and Mac. I love the fact that the installation process is handled completely by Firefox.
  • Works like a charm. I've used this Add-on to connect my Forerunner 405 and Edge 705 with Garmin Connect.
  • The download process was very easy. After connecting my Nuvi 760 I was able to download photos from GarminConnect photos very easily. From there I was able to switch to Google Maps and send an address to my unit with no issue.
  • Been working great so far. Most testing so far on And a few runs on I see no difference in this add-on vs the stand-alone installation at http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/. This add-on is obviously much more convenient to the user since the add-on restart remembers state and such. (The stand alone requires you to close the browser which is lame.) I have run some tests with this version against some of my code that uses the garmin communicator API to access data directly from the garmin unit plugged in. Very cool and easy to use.

    (Rated 4 because the file is so big. Seems like that could be smaller since its 3x the size of the stand alone installer... 5 otherwise)
  • Installed just like any other add-on...good deal! I connected to my Forerunner 50 with no troubles.
  • A good deal easier to install than the one Garmin provides on their webpage. Works just as well with Nuvi 255.