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  • Good, but the latest update logged me out and reset all the settings to default...
  • В целом это отличное расширение для браузера Firefox. Минусов пока не нашел.
  • must have
  • best
  • Good, when it works. Seems like with the new firefox quantum, it works for maybe 12-24 hours, then completely stops working. When I restart firefox it starts working again, but that's pretty inefficient when I keep the browser open with multiple tabs at all times.

    Otherwise, I've used it for years on chrome with no real issue.
  • Very good! I use it a lot! Thank you! :D
  • Very good. Does just what I need for a simple RSS feeder. Dev also listens.
    Thank you for the review.
    Could you please describe the issue in detail?
    You can find all the contact info on the addon page.
    The preferred way is GitHub issues https://github.com/olsh/Feedly-Notifier/issues
    also, you can contact me by email.

    I managed to reproduce the issue, sent an email to the Feedly team (it seems like Feedly API issue).
    Thank you!
  • Excelente... Siempre al dia con este complemento
  • in quantum the total number of notifications are not reset after reading
  • 2) Спасибо за подсказку, разобрался
    1) Было бы неплохо иметь возможность просмотра новостей не вперемешку (когда несколько источников), а по каждому отдельному источнику
    Вы пробовали фильтры и опцию "Show categories in popup"?
  • 我是rss重度用户,这个太适合我了。但是chrome扩展更新似乎快一点?
    I mean that the firefox version is without "Show site favicon in notifications". Now I know it is becasue firefox doesn't support notifications with images.
    I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but.
    Both Chrome and Firefox versions have the same codebase with small differences (Chrome supports some additional features like background mode and notifications with images).
  • I'm glad.