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  • Why is this NOT the default dictionary for Australian users?? This should be required by law! We are sick and tired of American butchered English being forced upon us in every software package!!
  • Your pluralisation is bad. Many correct places and town names come up as wrong when in actuality are correct. Peoples names, Current scientific words are sporadic at best.
  • I used to be annoyed by the default US dictionary red-lining words with Australian spelling. Now I can be annoyed by this dictionary red-lining just about every word I type.

    Examples of "wrong" words include:

    It seems many plurals and completely normal and common conjugations get red-lined, making this dictionary sub-standard and actually pretty pointless.

    I'm turning spell check off altogether. Better to have none than one that's consistently wrong.
  • I don't know how this extension exists in its current state - sure, you got rid of annoying US spelling versions of words, only to be replaced with a bucket load of other ones in their place! I'm seriously getting red lined for the following words: it's, goodness, days, thanks, games, wanting, yours, honestly, exactly, exists, annoying, versions, words, seriously, getting, following, words. How is this happening?
  • +1 on version 2.2.1 not working properly. Installed version 2.2 from 2014 as suggested and all works fine again.
  • *Edit* I downloaded the 2014 version of this extension and it is working properly again. I can also find the en-AU files on my system with the old version, whereas they are missing when I run the latest version.

    I've been using this dictionary without issue for years (5 stars for that!). It started to not work today, and this page shows that the extension was updated 14 hours ago. Lots of words that I type correctly are showing up as errors now, like the word 'invoice'. If I switch to English (United States) then all my errors go away.

    While troubleshooting I noticed that the website this plugin links to is no longer working and is showing a 'domain for sale' page. I'm also unable to find some of the files referenced by this extensions XPI file on my system (e.g. en-AU.dic, en-AU.aff). I'm wondering if the broken domain is causing those files to not be downloaded to my system (I'm not sure if they were actually ever present or not).

    I'm just hoping that the linked domain registration has lapsed, and that this extension hasn't been hijacked by someone else who now controls the domain justcameron[dot]com and pushed though the update that occurred earlier today (if that is even possible).

    Not sure how else to get in touch with the author.
  • Great Aussie Add On. Thanks for sharing your fantastic work Cameron.
  • Thank God this extension exists!
  • I have used Firefox for years now it's good to see it back always was a goodie
  • I mean, it's better than keeping with the American dictionary. But why don't you have 'arseholes'?