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  • The developer should really update this app for Firefox quantum.
  • Если автор не сможет обновить до WebExtensions версии, то придётся использовать breadcrumbus, что не так удобно.

    Eng: There is an alternative - "breadcrumbus". Not as convenient, but at least something
  • Useful for when you need to jump up a step on the website. A feature that should maybe be implemented by default in Firefox.

    Shame that it will stop working with Firefox 57. Hope there would be a way to replicate the functionality, even if it requires a new addon but I guess it's something I'll have to miss.
  • Отличное и полезное дополнение. Жаль, что оно на WebExtensions невозможно. Его будет не хватать...
  • Спасибо, работает. Сначала использовал Location Bar Enhancer, но он не может в Electrolysis.
    И да, можно ещё настройку "убирать https://" по аналогии с http?
  • А будете обновлять до версии ES10?
    В Firefox 52 ESR у меня работает. Дальше обновлять не планирую так как дальше — WebExtensions, на котором такое расширение сделать невозможно.
  • Works flawlessly for me. Is it possible to rewrite it in WebExtensions?
    Unfortunatlely, WebExtensions don't allow to change behavior of standard controls. So, it is not possible.
  • Есть замечание . ссылка полностью не влазит в адресную строку и не возможно переключится на страницы в конце адреса кроме как по нажатию клавиш , а настроить их нельзя .
  • .. it seems that this addon is intended to show the segments of a single URL and not what I thought (all sublinks of an url or so)

    Seems to work, collides with other things like Back button, site info etc., in fact I cannot see an icon for this addon anywhere but it is usable by mouseover for example
  • please add feature to open links from the dropdown menu in background instead of foreground, so that the dropdown menu stay open when selecting multiple links
  • Doesn't work on Firefox 51.
    It works on Firefox 51. I'm using it on the Firefox 51.
  • no more "select, delete" to go up in a hierarchy
  • Отличное дополнение! Не знаю, как на него наткнулся, но очень этому рад!
    Периодически пользуюсь Хромом. Жаль, ничего подобного для него найти не удалось.
    Увы, для Chrome такое расширение создать невозможно. Там расширениям не позволяется вмешиваться в стандартный интерфейс браузера.
  • Unique and indispensable add-on
  • Но хочется больше настроек
    Увы, больше настроек потребуют значительно больше времени на разработку и поддержку. В новой версии добавилась возможность копировать URL в незакодированном виде, как можно было в старых версиях Firefox. Ну и соответствующая опция.
  • Hasn't been updated in nearly a year, and most components don't appear to work anymore (FF 45, Mavericks OS).

    Also, importantly, one of the most loved aspects of any of the location bar enhances was the ability to display domains bolded and shown in red.

    Anyone know of anything current that does this?
    It is maintained and have to work. Maybe it conflicts with some other add-on in your Firefox.
  • HTTP прячет, а будет ли прятать HTTPS ?
    хотелось бы, чтобы сегменты разделялись не только градиентом, но и цветом
  • Weak milk-toast domain highlighting. Not for the visually impaired. Missing are the older version's customization with regards to domain appearance, such as bold text or color.
  • I had previously written here that the addon didn't work, just like Locationbar². In fact, it works fine, so long as Locationbar² is not activated. My bad!
    Still, this experience is different from some other raters, who said it worked best with Locationbar² still enabled.
  • but does not have as many options as locationbar2 had.

    thanks anyway. :)
  • Works great.
  • This extension would be perfect for my needs if it only had "bold" domain name highlighting. Thanks for a great extension!
  • And thank you Нимтар for the tip about letting Locationbar² activated for the domain name colour (the breadcrumbs work too but not the margin). I had deactivated it from the beginning so that there is no conflict between those two but it's much better this way.

    Please try and import the settings about domain name highlighting and breadcrumbs.
  • I should join previous comentors. Please let us highlight and bold domains.
    For now I use Locationbar² 's domain colour settings (yes, they still keep working!) and main functionality of Advanced Locationbar.