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  • Excellent APP ~ Exceeding expectations & a continued forerunner in the field of both browsing security & respect for user rights.
    Thanks for the review, 170fin!
  • The best adblocker.
  • youtube ad (ad in the bottom of video) still appear
    Hi ORIONSPARK, You definitely shouldn't be seeing any ads on YouTube. Please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com so we can ensure no ads are appearing. --AdBlock Support
  • It works on Yahoo, but really does not work anywhere else. Youtube I still get a ton of ads and it stops working half the time.
    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to rate us. AdBlock should be blocking the majority of ads you see on nearly every site you visit. If that's not your experience, we'd like to have you contact our support team so they can take a closer look. Please email us directly at help@getadblock.com. We look forward to hearing from you! --AdBlock Support
  • AdBlock does the trick: annoying ads next to my AOL account emails got on my nerves for years. No more!
  • 2019-12-28 windows XP 仍然可用! THANKS ADBLOCK for Firefox!
  • it block my favorite porn site by blacking out the site and i've been with AdBlock for Firefox a year and half and there no ads on the site good bye