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  • using for years now, and very satisfied. btw there is a problem with latest version of Ff - can't open Options/Filter lists. thx 4 your effort
  • 最常用的2个组件之一,很好用。
  • Good, but It has some malfunction. After some days, it goes sleeping on some sites, especially on Freemail.hu, and then it must been set up again to block ads. Adblock Plus does the same thing.
  • Impossible to use RATUKEN with AdBlock in either Chrome or Firefox. Somehow, even if the program is disabled it still blocks this program. Even added to the "White List" it continues to prevent RATUKEN from functioning.
    Please check out the following Help Center article with an additional suggestion to ensure Rakuten is working with AdBlock: http://bit.ly/2p2mKFX. If you still have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com; we're happy to help! --AdBlock Support
  • Used for about 3 weeks. It broke so many pages i.e not showing images and actions that caused, annoying problems, continued to grow. Maddening waste of time, worst of all it, after resetting my master password. My password manager was Intermittently disabled, then totally broken!
    Causing no end if frustration for a day & a half.
    I carefully reentered a very long password over end over. Using screen shots and macros to troubleshoot what I was told was a user error.
    I would have documented the examples if I had known the future.
    Thanks for taking the time to provide your review. Could you reach out to us at help@getadblock.com so we can better understand your situation? We don't have any other reports of AdBlock creating problems with any password managers and we'd like to better understand if AdBlock is the root cause of the issues you are experiencing in this situation. We look forward to hearing from you! --AdBlock Support
  • does not work on Hulu
    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. Because of the way Hulu ads are inserted into the video stream, we can't use our typical methods for blocking them. Instead, we must hide and mute the ads. This means that during the course of an ad, the video player will show a blank and muted screen. When the ad is over, the video player will return to normal. If this is not the behavior you are seeing, please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com so we can take a closer look at your situation and ensure everything is working correctly for you. - AdBlock Support