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  • This was working now it's block from facebook or it's been removed by Facebook it doesn't show that it's active. I feel facebook is invading my privacy.
  • Why won't it let me brouse
  • This addon makes Facebook only to snoop on your likes clicks and browsing on facebook, instagram and their messenger site.

  • Can't honestly say how well facebook container works but i think i get fewer suggested pages, ads, etc (though I have a number of anti-ad solutions in place, aside from FB container).

    I've only given the extension 3 stars though because it was listed as available on FF android and installed fine too, before the recent update to 68.2.0.

    Now i find the "about this extension" detail says it doesn't work on FF android. Yet it did and was available from the app add-on list. Didn't seem to cause any issues either on FF android.