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  • This works. Anyone who trusts Facebook must be mad. They track your movements for profit.
  • great! Very useful thank you
  • You cannot add exceptions to the rule, no matter what. Their "work arounds" are made up untested nonsense.
    Example: Skout.com, Meetup.com, etc.
    You cannot add exceptions. The only workaround is to disable it, link accounts, and then re-enable it, making the entire app nothing more than a useless chore. Use Multi-account Containers instead. They allow you full control. Any container app that doesn't give you 100% simple one-click control is suspicious and bogus.
  • Bardzo dobry .
  • I can see its value but it makes using the internet really difficult in the end. When you actually want to share things on FB, you just can't. There's no option to disable this on any site, which should be completely obvious to do. I couldn't put up with it after a week.
  • Einfach nur schlecht. Dieses Addon blockiert neben Facebook-Elementen leider auch noch zig andere Elemente. Ein vernünftiges Arbeiten ist nicht mehr möglich.
  • einfach nur klasse und toll