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  • This clashes with your "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" extension, all of a sudden this doesn't work anymore with facebook.com.
  • Seriously awesome and quite necessary
  • Great idea, unfortunately UNCLEAR how to add exception
  • I thought I'd try this, and found that one thing it does is make it impossible to log into a site if you're using facebook to log into that site. When I clicked on the add-on icon I could get a list of sites that were allowed, and there was a section for sites *I* had allowed with nothing in it. And I could find no way to add a site to it. Not by clicking within the app icon. Not by going to manage add-on. And when I googled for help I found a page that said you can add sites but didn't explain how!

    Had to remove it.
  • nice !
  • Facebook messenger
  • When I use the facebook container it takes the inbox page out and will not allow me to write post to my business page. The minute I disabled the container I was again able to see my inbox and write post.
  • It's simply brilliant. You don't realize how much FB and co. snoop on our web activity.