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  • I am glad to have this protection but when I decide to share something I don't want it to tell me that I can't because it was blocked. The option to override it out to be be readily available at that specific moment in time. Who has time to logon in order to explore how to add a site? That's a very big negative in my mind.
  • Properly containerizes Facebook and related miscreant software. BEST OF ALL it disables all Facebook-related buttons, so Facebook can not track pages outside of Facebook you have visited.

    BEWARE: Some of the other app-containers which claim to be based on Facebook Container DO NOT disable app-buttons. This means that the apps can still track where else you visit, should you click on their buttons.
  • It sounded like a great idea...I installed it, it logged me out of Facebook and cleared the FB cookies ast stated, so it got one star. Since installing it blocked all attempts to log in to Facebook. At the FB login page I entered email and password, clicked on the 'Log in' button, but nothing happened, no screen refresh no error message.
    When I disabled the add-on, I was once again able to log-in to Facebook.
    It did not change the tab colour to blue, I do not have any Multi-Account Container add-ons.
    Hence no more stars can be awarded.
  • What can I say? I use Facebook, but I really don't want it tracking me on sites that I don't give it explicit permission. This add-on is perfect for that.
  • حلوة فكرتها مفترض يزينون لتويتر زيها خلي فايرفوكس يحجب مواقع من تطفل عليك مشكلة تطبيق ان بالعاب الفيس بوك يختفون الاصدقاء داخل اللعبة بسبب هذة الاضافة
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