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  • Good job
  • It would have been helpful if it were possible to add sites allowed. I somehow have managed to add a few (can't remember how, I guess by turning it off and on). Especially adding sites using facebook login. I know they track me, but I don't care since i've used facebook login on them, didn't I? Other than that, I love it.
  • Baik
  • This add-on is preventing me from sharing other peoples posts...It's got to go. Honestly I don't think I ever conscientiously asked for this to be "added".
  • Đc
  • Funciona excelente. Ademas, cuando abris una pagina de facebook, automaticamente lo abre en un contenedor aparte. Todos los botones de like/share los bloquea automaticamente de ser cargados.
  • With this plugin enabled
    1. Do a google search about XYZ
    2. Login to facebook
    3. You will see facebook ads about XYZ!!!!!!!
  • I like it!!!!!
  • The container does what it says it will do. However, there really needs to be a way (similar to AdBlocker Ultimate addon) to quickly 'allow' the current site to be in the container. I need to debug pixel codes for clients and it's a pita to come here and disable it each time.
  • Great feeling to know that Firefox has F'bk surrounded so F'bk doesn't have me surrounded! Thanks