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  • Cool:
    - Having the table of contents always in sight

    - takes too long to get the original wiki link for sharing
    - WW did not show the "This article is about X, did you mean Y?" message that I would've got in the original Wikipedia
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  • Devs know about the issues and claim they have been fixed but they are still major issues.

    There are random ads and loads of ads that are for the extension. Makes no sense and diminishes the UX almost entirely.

    The layout doesn't improve anything at all, hero images look ok but the menus are horrible.

    This addon is garbage.
  • Beaucoup plus agréable à consulter.
  • l'abus de licence tue la licence...
  • Makes Wikipedia far more readable!
  • Wikipedia looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with this addon. Thanks guys
  • Excellent
  • It's all fine and dandy and I really like the new look the addons give. I have two big issues, though: 1) illustration that is used as the cover photo seems to be inaccesible and I quite often need to access the original file to download or cite it, so it is a big problem to me; 2) the search engine does not seem to support Polish wikipedia, so I need to use Google to access it.