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  • Нужен для установки скрипта RU AdList JS Fixes.
  • Thaks u Tampermonkey
  • powerful tool,nice work。i like it very much。i love you too
  • simple good use
  • exelent app! and the collections of user scripts are verry helpfull!
  • I will write anything cause i do not know what
  • On Firefox android, its backup feature is not available.
  • 6666666666666666666666
  • excelente
  • Excellent user script manager.
  • joerg
  • Дерьмо со странным кодом.
  • 那个Greasemonkey用不了,用了这个终于可以安装脚本了。
  • Extremely useful
  • I do hate it,it doesn't work!!!!
  • ok
  • at less it's useful for me
  • Simply, one of the best userscript add-ons.

    But it has a restrictive license; meaning if the developer calls it quits or decides to cash out. We the users will be out of luck, because "legally" nobody can create and maintain their own free of crap version except for Jan Biniok.

    I understand this is a huge investment and you want to protect your investment but please don't ever sale your users out like what happened with Stylish.
  • :)
  • good
  • very good, thx for share
  • luego de instalar esta extension el navegador empezo a presentar comportamientos raros
  • Thanks a very good addon indeed.
  • perfect
  • very good