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  • Very nice. I use this on all of my office and home 'Puters.

    As a recommendation, I would like to see this add on render Flash. So many websites have Flash information on the home or index page. This add on cannot render Flash and so it appears as empty space.
  • it rock
  • Good idea, improve the search in our favorit search engine. " What you see it's what you want"...
  • No funciona con google MX, con yahoo MX, ni con Bing
    Don´t work with google MX, MX with yahoo or with Bing
  • Very good add-on.
    Can u add the support for www.baidu.com.
  • 是个非常好的扩展,我喜欢
  • HI, just come to comment that the add-on does not work when I search using the jp yahoo and hk yahoo.
  • As far as autopager compatibility goes you really just need to go to the options and change tme max number of previews to 100. For google in particluar if you find that still isn't enough then I would suggest disableing autopager for google and using the stream function on the GoogleOptimize add-on. The stream function on google optimize is really the only google autopager that appears to play well with other scripts/add-ons.
  • Can you make it work with Blackle ?
  • Hi, I am using AutoPager and SearchPreview both ...
    But SearchPreview is working only in the first page of AutoPager...
    Its not working in other pages...
    Please do something for it because i am using AutoPager in most of sites...
  • its cool but when I use the add on Organize Status Bar and try to get rid of the status bar icon, but the icon still stays
    the icon is useless and I would like to remove it.
    You can disable the status bar icon in the options dialog of SearchPreview.
  • cant live without this, google without previewpictures are useless for me :)
  • Somebody says it's only good-looking, it's not essential.
    I do not agree: when you know, more or less, the aspect of the page you are looking for, you can detect it at a glance while quickly paginating your search result.
    In this way, it can really speed up your searches.
    Well done!
  • Love it! Makes searching more immersive and informative. Especially helps in avoiding pages I know I don't want.
  • this is a great add-on but I do have one complain and that is that there's a lot of sites that don't have a preview image and it can be up to 50% of all the links in a google search.
  • this is a great add-on!

    my one request would be to be able to adjust the image preview size
  • No me funciona en firefox 3.6
  • No me funciona en firefox 3.6
  • No me funciona en firefox 3.6
  • No me funciona en firefox 3.6
  • Very well developed.
    However, this is not essential.
  • Makes a good thing so much better. Thanks!
  • really nice ..... good
  • Need to check a site before clicking on the link, Search Preview is the best add on that is. 5 stars
  • Very good add-on !
    Please check for ipv6.google.com