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  • Malheureusement incompatible pour l'instant avec Firefox 4.0.
    Il est tellement bien que s'il ne devait pas y avoir de mise à jour de ce plugin, j'en profiterai (enfin) pour changer de navigateur (mais pas IE, rassurez-vous).
  • I don't mind ads on top or the bottom of search results but most of the ads are from malicious websites so until there's a decent screening of the ads, I've unchecked its option (and wouldn't use this add-on if the option to remove ads is taken away.)
    Thanks for your input. The sponsored links are now screened against a community based trust database (WOT). Sponsored links with a low trust value are not shown.
  • I used to like this add-on, but now I hate the way they started to place ads recently on the bottom of the Google's results. I suppose I might change the extension due to this reason only... and others may follow me.
  • Working fine for me in beta 4 :)
  • please Firefox 4 Beta update
  • Fix so the addon is working with the https version of google.
  • THANK YOU SOO MUCH .... but

    As a person who tries to minimize the number of addons I have, AND with the new features of Google ... its time for me to say GOOD BYE = (

    When on google results page > Show Options > PAGE PREVIEWS!

    Though some pages in Google preview option Does not display, the previews given by Google seems more accurate ... so for now it seems its good bye.
    P.S ... BTW I always allowed your ads so i could help you guys ... Thank you again and Good bye = (
  • Hello,
    I just loved this addon, i got used to it and now i'm addicted.

    But since yesteday instead of a picture next to the links there's a white rectangle. Am I the only one with this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it?
    (I tried to uninstall and reinstall Search Preview but without success)

    Please help!
  • What about privacy?
    - Which data is sent exactly to your servers?
    - What do you do with these informations?
    - Do you store/process/combine them in any way?
    - Do you give any of the data to third parties?
    All your questions are answered in the extensions privacy policy. The link to the privacy policy is next to the 'Add to Firefox' link and is titled "View privacy policy". If you can not find that, here is the direct link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/policy/0/189
  • Please remove the advertising otherwise we are forced to uninstall SearchPreview
    If you don't like the sponsored links, you can disable them in the SearchPreview options dialog.
  • Nice extension but, in French 4.2 version i can't disable sponsored links in option dialog
    SearchPreview should not be showing sponsored links for google.fr or French Firefox versions, I think I have found the issue and fixed it. If you still see the sponsored links for google.fr or French Firefox versions please contact SearchPreview support at support@searchpreview.de Thanks.
  • Can you add "ixquick" to the list of engine search, please.
  • Love this Plug in In fact I rarely look at the text first anymore.

    Seems to break Google search now when enabled. If you go to: http://www.google.com/ and type something in the search box then hit enter. The loading bar goes and then finishes but the pages is still the previous one.
    NOTE: I have the updated Google interface. Let me know if anyone else gets this.
  • Very nice. I use this on all of my office and home 'Puters.

    As a recommendation, I would like to see this add on render Flash. So many websites have Flash information on the home or index page. This add on cannot render Flash and so it appears as empty space.
  • it rock
  • Good idea, improve the search in our favorit search engine. " What you see it's what you want"...
  • No funciona con google MX, con yahoo MX, ni con Bing
    Don´t work with google MX, MX with yahoo or with Bing
  • Very good add-on.
    Can u add the support for www.baidu.com.
  • 是个非常好的扩展,我喜欢
  • HI, just come to comment that the add-on does not work when I search using the jp yahoo and hk yahoo.
  • As far as autopager compatibility goes you really just need to go to the options and change tme max number of previews to 100. For google in particluar if you find that still isn't enough then I would suggest disableing autopager for google and using the stream function on the GoogleOptimize add-on. The stream function on google optimize is really the only google autopager that appears to play well with other scripts/add-ons.
  • Can you make it work with Blackle ?
  • Hi, I am using AutoPager and SearchPreview both ...
    But SearchPreview is working only in the first page of AutoPager...
    Its not working in other pages...
    Please do something for it because i am using AutoPager in most of sites...
  • its cool but when I use the add on Organize Status Bar and try to get rid of the status bar icon, but the icon still stays
    the icon is useless and I would like to remove it.
    You can disable the status bar icon in the options dialog of SearchPreview.
  • cant live without this, google without previewpictures are useless for me :)