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  • Eyecandy and useful because it makes it much easier to find and identify the right pages.
  • Great, but I preferred it when you had the option to right click on the image and select update. This new version won't update my website image, and there is no option to update image preview.
  • Does anyone experienced an issue with this extension add on when surfing through encrypted.google.com? It doesn't always show previews in encrypted Google search. However it works perfectly in regular Google search (unencrypted).
  • great help
  • Very neat! Please add Yandex, number one search system in the exUSSR countries (http://yandex.ru/)
  • Preview the site without having to go to a page that's cool!
    Also, you can find a fast site, if you remember him, mostly visual.
  • when the "FastestFox" opens the next page, it got no thumbnails, try to fix it, to show previews on all the page not only the first one
  • Please update for Firefox 4.0b8
  • یک پسش نمایش از کلمه ای که شما میخواهید تایپ بکنید در گوگل .
  • I love the Add on, but the new Google preview function consistently shows a more accurate snapshot of what the page actually contains. Isn't this the point after all? Your preview picture is sometimes the homepage of the site and sometimes a rather old snap of the site. The size of the google preview is good or bad, depending if you have a small or large screen, so this point is relative. On a 10" screen the google preview is readable. On a 17" monitor the SearchPreview preview is adequate.
  • Thanks for the update, it works great! It is really a great tool and not having it makes me not want to click on sites lol
  • Thanks for the Fix!! Forgot how ugly Goog search is without this fantastic add-on. One of my Favs!!
  • Bingo! Finally new update to fix the minor issue. Strongly disagree with anyone who think this great add-on is not necessary. It is a big MUST. :D
  • Thank for update version 4.9.4, works fine now ! SearchPreview is necessary for me,the Google preview it's big !
  • Works now as great as always using Ver. 4.9.4 And - it is a difference to see all images at once or to move your mouse on every single link...
  • In fact, SP is not necessary now, on Google, just click on the text and a big thumbnail appear!! ;)
  • I love it. It's great, a real timesaver.
    HOWEVER, it doesn't always work... Server problems? Coding problems? Traffic? Whatever the case, please fix it and make it more stable >.>
  • http://ackroyd.de/searchpreview/searchpreview-4.9.4-fx.xpi
  • Народ! У кого не работает! Ставьте версию 4.9.3 !!!
    Its WORKS!!!!
  • It doesn't work any more, what happened. Until yesterday it worked great.
  • For version 4.9.2, the preview may not render properly in Google due to the release of Google Instant Previews on Nov 9 2010.

    The version 4.9.3, not yet approved by Mozilla, solves that problem.
  • this was so great...

    Now it doesnt work!!!!
    Please get on this so i can use it again!
  • Hello!

    Add please blekko.com and yandex.ru
  • This used to be excellent. These new ''Sponsored links'' are unacceptable though. I'd be content with them if they were at the bottom of the page, but right at the top in the search results? No.

  • i'm surprised google hasn't already implemented this. oh well, great app. thanks!