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  • agree with mpopp75
  • Can't find where to report bugs, so I try it here. Since the update to 5.7, the SP icon shows up in the addon bar, even though it is disabled in the options.
  • I just started using the Firefox browser and found this add-on. The previews show up super fast and don't slow down the search experience at all. Will recommend to my friends, thanks!
  • Great application! I disabled the ad displays. I would love to support your product, but having porn links displayed on my computer while I search for articles on "linked in" is not acceptable. I do not want to see porn!
    Thank you for your feedback. I have blocked the ad you mentioned, it should not show up again.
  • Wow, not long after the Bing update request. The dev has released new version. Thanks a bunch!
  • I've used older versions for a long time but found support for Bing to be lacking. I switched to 5.5 as soon as it was released and am pleased to report that it's working fine with Google & Bing using FF 12.
  • Please update for Bing's new layout!
  • Very good concept but does not work on second page in continuation when using along with Fastest Fox or Autopager addon
  • Thank you for this fine work, I'm using it for a long time I guess it was called Google Preview but now it get even better.

    Would you please consider adding Numbering, favicon, open in new tabs option and finally keep Google & Alexa rank as text in the add-on {status} bar just behind the small and nice SP trigger icon such as G:5/10 A:12345.
  • Love it! Works perfect and exactly as I expected
  • Hi ppl!

    Does anyone know of an add-on or GM script to do exactly the opposite of this? I already have GM's GoogleMonkeyR and instant previews are off, but the small site home page preview images still appear by the left side of each result! :P

  • I can confirm what Borivoje wrote. Apart of this bug, this is wonderful add on !!!!
  • Excellent
  • I found what the problem was. Anyone who is logged on his google account has the option to click on the +1 button next to the link on the search results page. When he does so, his picture appears and disappears SearchPreview thumbnail. All the best!
  • Very good!
  • nice addon
  • Es un complemento que mejora mis búsquedas al 100%.. :D
  • The Alexa page rank feature is very nice
  • Super!
  • Thanks for this great addon. How can i add my site thumbnail for preview? When i serch my site, it's looking like "coming soon".
  • it doesn't work when performing the search from the firefox toolbar. I use FF 5.0.1 under linux

    thx in advance for your answer
  • works smoothly especially with goolge , thumbs up
  • One of the most important extensions for Firefox.
    Sponsored search results can fortunately be turned off in the extension's options, so that's no reason to uninstall it !
    It doesn't work for me properly since (and including) version 5.0 (probably because my Firefox is pretty old, 1.5) but 4.9 and older work just fine.
    I would highly recommend updating your Firefox 1.5 to a more recent version.
  • My favorite! Very useful!
    Without images is not so good for Google.
  • Used to be good but now there's a sponsored search result (read: ad) at the top of all my google searches. Uninstalling.
    You can disabled the sponsored links in the SearchPreview options dialog.