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  • Wow, not long after the Bing update request. The dev has released new version. Thanks a bunch!
  • I've used older versions for a long time but found support for Bing to be lacking. I switched to 5.5 as soon as it was released and am pleased to report that it's working fine with Google & Bing using FF 12.
  • Please update for Bing's new layout!
  • Very good concept but does not work on second page in continuation when using along with Fastest Fox or Autopager addon
  • Thank you for this fine work, I'm using it for a long time I guess it was called Google Preview but now it get even better.

    Would you please consider adding Numbering, favicon, open in new tabs option and finally keep Google & Alexa rank as text in the add-on {status} bar just behind the small and nice SP trigger icon such as G:5/10 A:12345.
  • Love it! Works perfect and exactly as I expected
  • Hi ppl!

    Does anyone know of an add-on or GM script to do exactly the opposite of this? I already have GM's GoogleMonkeyR and instant previews are off, but the small site home page preview images still appear by the left side of each result! :P

  • I can confirm what Borivoje wrote. Apart of this bug, this is wonderful add on !!!!
  • Excellent
  • I found what the problem was. Anyone who is logged on his google account has the option to click on the +1 button next to the link on the search results page. When he does so, his picture appears and disappears SearchPreview thumbnail. All the best!
  • Very good!
  • nice addon
  • Es un complemento que mejora mis búsquedas al 100%.. :D
  • The Alexa page rank feature is very nice
  • Super!
  • Thanks for this great addon. How can i add my site thumbnail for preview? When i serch my site, it's looking like "coming soon".
  • it doesn't work when performing the search from the firefox toolbar. I use FF 5.0.1 under linux

    thx in advance for your answer
  • works smoothly especially with goolge , thumbs up
  • One of the most important extensions for Firefox.
    Sponsored search results can fortunately be turned off in the extension's options, so that's no reason to uninstall it !
    It doesn't work for me properly since (and including) version 5.0 (probably because my Firefox is pretty old, 1.5) but 4.9 and older work just fine.
    I would highly recommend updating your Firefox 1.5 to a more recent version.
  • My favorite! Very useful!
    Without images is not so good for Google.
  • Used to be good but now there's a sponsored search result (read: ad) at the top of all my google searches. Uninstalling.
    You can disabled the sponsored links in the SearchPreview options dialog.
  • Eyecandy and useful because it makes it much easier to find and identify the right pages.
  • Great, but I preferred it when you had the option to right click on the image and select update. This new version won't update my website image, and there is no option to update image preview.
  • Does anyone experienced an issue with this extension add on when surfing through encrypted.google.com? It doesn't always show previews in encrypted Google search. However it works perfectly in regular Google search (unencrypted).
  • great help