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  • It's not working on the latest Firefox Release, please fix this!
  • Aha! The extended preview for may browsers. I had that idea a long time ago...
  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working, Thank you
  • It's awesome, I love this addon, I will improve the addon adding a favicon on an axis of the image preview.
  • so damn great !
  • Hi
    I finally got this to work after disabling "Traffic light" addon from bitdefender. Those addons don't work together. Thanks for a useful and nice addon :)
  • I finally updated to FF v24 from v17 tonight. After doing that I decided to try your addon again; I haven't used it for a few years. Anyhow, it works nicely for Google and Yahoo but I can't get it to show up for Bing. Any ideas why or how to fix it? Thanks
  • searchpreview is the best addons in firefox...trust me :)
  • 6.4 added duckduckgo support
    now i can finally move to duckduckgo!
    wish i could give more starts
    working flawlessly!

    note: you >really< should advertise more the whole duckduck support
  • duck duck go please.
  • Nice addon for FF - I really like them ;-)
  • DuckDuckGo compatibility would be realy awsome
  • Great addon. Don't want to miss it.

    However, please add support for some more alternative search engines, e.g. Searchpage.com, Ixquick.com, DuckDuckGo.com.
  • Using this addon is like seeing faces rather than reading names. Much easier.

    But I would like DuckDuckGo support, if possible.
  • Add support for DuckDuckGo
  • I just can´t surf the web without this, it just don´t feel correct :)
  • This is no longer working with firefox :-(
  • Dont work
  • problem with Google-Search
    to preview I must refresh the page!
    (firefox 15.0)
    Please contact support@searchpreview.de to discuss the details of your issue. Thanks.
  • Another problem with Google-Search.
    Preview only on side one.
    By Yahoo-Search preview on all sides !
  • in this version problem resuelto.https://addons.mozilla.org/es-es/firefox/addon/searchpreview/versions/
  • agree with mpopp75
  • Can't find where to report bugs, so I try it here. Since the update to 5.7, the SP icon shows up in the addon bar, even though it is disabled in the options.
  • I just started using the Firefox browser and found this add-on. The previews show up super fast and don't slow down the search experience at all. Will recommend to my friends, thanks!
  • Great application! I disabled the ad displays. I would love to support your product, but having porn links displayed on my computer while I search for articles on "linked in" is not acceptable. I do not want to see porn!
    Thank you for your feedback. I have blocked the ad you mentioned, it should not show up again.