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  • Besserer schneller Überblick, sehr gut!
  • Very good addon, but with a flaw: the icon to quickly enalble/disable it has a very old technology. It was created for the old taskbar, and with the addons bar it results unmovable.
    Now that with FF29 and Australis the Addons Bar has been removed, the icon is not avaible at all.
    Please fix the icon problem, so that it is possible to add it to any firefox bar.
  • It works perfectly!
  • I have used this addon for as long as I can remember and I love it. Often I forget that it isn't a built in feature of Google serach.

    Unfortunately as of lately it sometimes does not show up unless the page is reloaded.
  • It's not working on the latest Firefox Release, please fix this!
  • Aha! The extended preview for may browsers. I had that idea a long time ago...
  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working, Thank you
  • It's awesome, I love this addon, I will improve the addon adding a favicon on an axis of the image preview.
  • so damn great !
  • Hi
    I finally got this to work after disabling "Traffic light" addon from bitdefender. Those addons don't work together. Thanks for a useful and nice addon :)
  • I finally updated to FF v24 from v17 tonight. After doing that I decided to try your addon again; I haven't used it for a few years. Anyhow, it works nicely for Google and Yahoo but I can't get it to show up for Bing. Any ideas why or how to fix it? Thanks
  • searchpreview is the best addons in firefox...trust me :)
  • 6.4 added duckduckgo support
    now i can finally move to duckduckgo!
    wish i could give more starts
    working flawlessly!

    note: you >really< should advertise more the whole duckduck support
  • duck duck go please.
  • Nice addon for FF - I really like them ;-)
  • DuckDuckGo compatibility would be realy awsome
  • Great addon. Don't want to miss it.

    However, please add support for some more alternative search engines, e.g. Searchpage.com, Ixquick.com, DuckDuckGo.com.
  • Using this addon is like seeing faces rather than reading names. Much easier.

    But I would like DuckDuckGo support, if possible.
  • Add support for DuckDuckGo
  • I just can´t surf the web without this, it just don´t feel correct :)
  • This is no longer working with firefox :-(
  • Dont work
  • problem with Google-Search
    to preview I must refresh the page!
    (firefox 15.0)
    Please contact support@searchpreview.de to discuss the details of your issue. Thanks.
  • Another problem with Google-Search.
    Preview only on side one.
    By Yahoo-Search preview on all sides !
  • in this version problem resuelto.https://addons.mozilla.org/es-es/firefox/addon/searchpreview/versions/