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  • Nice extension to see previews, and see popularity of sites. For me a must have.
  • I've been using this add-on for years and sometimes I forget that Google doesn't provide previews on its search result page :)
    Great work! Thank you :)
  • Could you add support for "startpage" and "ixquick" search pages (both use google but filter the connection for privacy) and dogpile please?

    Would be nice to have a github or a forum or something for users to easily and organized leave issues and request?
  • One of my favorite addons and works with FF 57
  • Thank you for updating to work with Firefox 57
  • One of my default add-ons when installing Firefox. Thanks developer!
  • Wer kennt das nicht... man war schon mal auf einer super Seite aber weiß deren Adresse nicht mehr...
    Über die Google-Suche Google erhält man gefühlte 1000 Suchergebnisse aber auf der 1001 Seite ist es.
    Hier macht SearchPreview Google erst zum Hit.
    Man sieht die Seiten in Miniaturvorschau und so kommt man einfach schneller zum Ziel.
    Deshalb: Für mich jedes mal das erste Add-on was installiert wird und jedem meiner Freunde denen ich dies empfehle, sind begeistert. Vielen Dank !!
  • Muy bueno y útil
  • Muy buena idea. Es recomendable.
  • Cant see any reason not to change to DuckDuckGo now when this addon repairs its poor layout and made it so much sexier.
    Thank you. Super-Excellent. Top points.
  • I been using it for a long time now
    This add-on works with every version of Firefox
  • Google test new search result as card style.
  • É um dos únicos que ajuda visualizando o site que vamos entrar. deixando o caminho mais fácil para navegar, sem ter que ficar enrolando procurando um bom site!
  • The addon works fine but it supports a limited amount of search engines. Support for startpage.com would be nice.
  • Хотелось бы чтобы это дополнение стало более похожим на GoogleMonkeyR.
  • EDIT: Works now, if FF is set to accept Google cookies.

    (Has it always been like this?)
  • *** PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED BY THE AUTHOR OF "Search Engine Favicons" with Version 1.6 ***

    Good add-on, but does not work together with "Search Engine Favicons", the thumbnails in the google search results are missing then. Please fix that incompatibility.

  • The best Search preview! But don't work a 100% on firefox 40.0.2 please check!
  • very cool and useful program. If You want go for Chrome, please click: http://programy.net.pl/program,searchpreview.html
  • J'utilise cet addon depuis ça sortie et je le trouve indispensable. Mais j'aimerai signaler qu'il ne fonctionne plus avec Google. Voir capture: http://i.imgur.com/95MmXt2.png

    EDIT : Fonctionne à nouveau avec SearchPreview 8.4. Merci
  • This is a great add-on really useful. Could you please add the option to display favicons, display the results more than 1 column and an other option to auto load more results when you scroll down? Thanks a lot-
  • MUST HAVE addon! Especially for its support of duckduckgo!! This is the ONLY way i know of to get search previews in duckduckgo! Awesome!
  • No way to show a popup of the image? Makes it kind of useless for me. All I see is a tiny, Illegible thumbnail. Can't tell if the information is close to what I'm looking for. A favicon is actually more useful.

    I guess I could always zoom in 20x but that's ridiculous..... and it slows me down.

    3 stars for working well (FFx 34.x)
  • Please make SearchPreview also running in the Startpage HTTPS Privacy Search Engine (similar to Google but with much more privacy).