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  • its great because i know there are some really shitty websites, but this lets ma have a look before i go inside.
  • its great because i know there are some really shitty websites, but this lets ma have a look before i go inside.
  • Nice to know that such a thing exists.
  • This will help just about everybody, especially the newbies.

  • Is it possible to increase the size of the preview, that would be awesome.
    Thank you
  • Helps preview the content of a website before visiting. Helps regular web users ensure they're going where they want to go on the web.
  • http://www.makeaneasywebsite.com/victor72
  • Useful add-on.
  • We need bing preview now please!
  • This is a add-on for firefox. I really like the options it adds to quickly change search options. The only thing that's missing is searching the past month.
  • This Add-on does not work with ipv6.google.com !
  • I like it ~~:)
  • Very usefull addon
  • I would like to have preview also on bing.com. but this is a really good addon
  • ein Klasse Addon

    auf einen Blick sieht man so, was sich hinter den Seiten verbergen könnte. Man muss nicht mehr alle Seiten in einem neuen Tab öffnen, um zu sehen, was sich dahinter verbirgt
  • sweet tool! Just what I've been looking for
  • great addon
  • Brightens up search results. I'm addicted. Please add Googlepreview to Google Translate as well - http://translate.google.com .
  • This seems to work very well.

    Any chance you would please be able to create a version for Microsoft's new Bing search engine, please? Or be able to update this add-on for it?

    I'd be very grateful. I can't stand Google or Yahoo now I've tried Bing.
  • I have been using GooglePreview for a few years now, it was the reason I switched to Firefox. Works perfectly.
  • Works exactly as you'd expect. It even tabs out results with a parent site as google would normally do.

    This add-on obviously has a high maintenance cost to which I also support leaving the ads enabled. It's great of them to allow you to disable the feature however, as well.
  • doesn't update thumbnails! I've been trying for over a year to get just two websites updated. Would be wonderful if the thumbs were accurate.

    In response to developer's response:

    I have right clicked on the thumbnail over 50 times over the past year or so and, still, it keeps showing an inaccurate thumbnail that doesn't look anything like my site or any previous version of my site.

    I would be happy to donate to the maintenance, but since the thumbnail for my site is incorrect and has not been corrected, I won't be donating.
    And which websites are you referring to? Thanks.
  • Spyware & ADware. Search tracking + AD inserting on search results by default. Slows down browsing too.
  • Is the best this category
  • Yes, please add support for Bing a soon as possible! If I switched I would really miss this feature!