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  • How could I use ff without this extension... :)
    A must-have, thx.
  • I slept on this one for too long; container tabs are awesome! Totally streamlines my workflow without compromising on (a reasonable degree of) privacy. As someone migrating from the noscript-and-autodelete-cookies-on-everything way of life, this is sooo much better. Thanks, Mozilla!
  • Would be nice to add more colors to edit the tabs, but still really beautiful!
  • I would like to have more control if Firefox is installed on different computers in different languages. I have different names for one logical container: f. e. "Arbeit" and "work"
  • I love this extension. Perfect for isolating my accounts with Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc from all of my other browsing. There are some small UI tweaks and conveniences I'd like to have, but they've all already been requested in the project's github issues.
  • Podrían agregar un botón para abrir nueva pestaña en determinado container?
  • This feature make me back again to Firefox as default browser. Congratulations FF. Team! This extension really rocks. I really don't know why this is not default at browser download. Please do it!
  • When you assing site to container and tell it to always open in that container, site won't load on private browsing. It was working fine a couple of days again. Please fix it. Can't use Google when in private window.
  • This changes how I'm browsing, and automatically putting the sites in a correct container is a life-saver. I'm missing a way to order by containers, but other than that, I haven't noticed anything that doesn't suit my needs.
  • Sadly, this feature that is already in the default Firefox for Windows features isn't integrated to Android's version...
  • Have the same problemen as mentioned by Christopher Bolin. Twitter won't open in the right container. All my other sites work as intended.
  • Excellent for multiple reasons. One, keeping multiple accounts logged in simultaneously to one website. Two, keep tracking and privacy invasion to a minimum.