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  • This changes how I'm browsing, and automatically putting the sites in a correct container is a life-saver. I'm missing a way to order by containers, but other than that, I haven't noticed anything that doesn't suit my needs.
  • Sadly, this feature that is already in the default Firefox for Windows features isn't integrated to Android's version...
  • Have the same problemen as mentioned by Christopher Bolin. Twitter won't open in the right container. All my other sites work as intended.
  • Excellent for multiple reasons. One, keeping multiple accounts logged in simultaneously to one website. Two, keep tracking and privacy invasion to a minimum.
  • I have added a "Social Media" container. I've added Facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter. All work correctly except twitter. I add it to the Social Media container. Close the tab or browser, reload twitter and it is not opened in the container. The extension checkbox "Always open in "Social Media" is NOT checked but there is no colored indicator on the tab. When I edit the container, the list of included sites does include Twitter. Every other site works correctly
  • I love this addon
  • The BEST and must have add on. Great work FIREFOX team.
  • Fantastic feature not available in any other browser.
  • Finally, synced container is available.
  • Needs more color options, ie full range color picker, can't seem to open mozilla addons in a container
  • This feature has become an absolute must for my current workflow at work. I keep my personal and work related Google accounts separate. I can isolate certain web sessions from each other for different testing purposes easily. It's just an amazing feature allaround. Don't browse without it!
  • It is perfect now that it supports sync!
  • Exceptionally useful when it works. It will occasionally reset itself and you'll loose all your container tabs. One thing I wish it did have was the ability to organize the order of the tabs. I'd like to be able to keep all my admin tabs together, and the regular user tabs together. a drag-n-drop ordering system would be welcomed.
  • The extension is generally good, however... WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID?!

    Same issue with syncing multicontainers: since I've got only 1 PC and 2 mobile phones, I want to sync it between PC and Android device, not between 2 PCs.

    Please add this feature and my rating will go up to 5 stars straight away.

    Thank you.