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  • In a World where Privacy has become Luxury, or a hard Task to implement, this Add-on like Firefox Multi-Account Containers, like Linux and Privacytools.io and many others Libre and Open Source Software and Tools contribute to help People fighting against the monopolistic Plagues like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc
  • A great addon, but it's missing a few features:

    - Container sync
    - Ability to manually edit container assignments and use wildcards. E.g. it's useless for something like Salesforce where every sandbox and scratch org has its own domain.
    - Ability to assign URLs, not just domains, to different containers.
  • No instructions, no video (as stated). it you can't add an already opened URL to a container, what's the use of this?
    "you can't use a compass without a wind" Seneca. Get it together Mozilla.
  • Very nicely done. It allows to compartmentalize my online life: one tab for Google products, one for Facebook, one for Amazon, one for banking, and the default for the rest.
    Idea for a feature: have a per-container type option specifying whether new links opened from that container should open in the same container type or the default container (or even, specify in which container to open links).
  • This is very useful add-on. Only one small thing is missing. I wish I could make one of my containers as my default container. So when I open a new tab from any other app (e.g. clicked on a URL from Skype), it would always open in my default container.
    This small functionality will make this add-on complete.
  • very helpful tool when managing multiple accounts in one browser
  • Doesn't work in browsing private mode. Firefox 72.0.1 (64 bit)
    Please solve !
  • This is the single most used add-on I have. My job requires logging into multiple sites with different accounts, and Containers makes it such a breeze. Brilliant add-on!