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  • Great app for working multiple accounts, for multiple clients is an amazing time saver
  • Fantastic extension! My only wish would be to have keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures I could map to open new tabs in specific containers.
  • In a World where Privacy has become Luxury, or a hard Task to implement, this Add-on like Firefox Multi-Account Containers, like Linux and Privacytools.io and many others Libre and Open Source Software and Tools contribute to help People fighting against the monopolistic Plagues like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc
  • A great addon, but it's missing a few features:

    - Container sync
    - Ability to manually edit container assignments and use wildcards. E.g. it's useless for something like Salesforce where every sandbox and scratch org has its own domain.
    - Ability to assign URLs, not just domains, to different containers.
  • No instructions, no video (as stated). it you can't add an already opened URL to a container, what's the use of this?
    "you can't use a compass without a wind" Seneca. Get it together Mozilla.