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  • I really love this extension. The biggest problem is that containers and settings do not sync with Firefox Sync.
  • Extremely useful. It would be nice if there were some more options such as:
    - always associate a container with a dedicated window
    - associate a container with a dedicated subset of bookmarks
    A good guideline for future development might be to make containers work more like the traditional user profiles.
  • Enjoying it
  • This is ludicrously helpful for someone like me who needs to test the same site using multiple user profiles and accounts. Smart implementation.
  • An excellent add-on that makes it extremely easy working with multiple-accounts in the cloud without having to run things in different incognito windows. Highly recommended for people working with cloud providers and need to login using different roles.
  • Great app for working multiple accounts, for multiple clients is an amazing time saver
  • Fantastic extension! My only wish would be to have keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures I could map to open new tabs in specific containers.