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  • This add-on should have been presented more clearly and with clearly marked, perhaps flashing letters, that it needed to be installed prior to the FB Container extension. The FB Container was recommended to me before this one was, so as I do not like nor want to use FB, I installed that container, based upon said recommendation. Then I get a message in my add-ons that the FB Container needs to have container tabs, and the containers already presented in this container extension were being shown to me before this one was even installed! I am not configuring this one until I have the time and I am ready to do so. I am so pissed!!
  • If you disable this addon then your customizations to existing containers will be lost and any new container you added later will be deleted.
  • Leider nicht intuitiv bedienbar. Ohne Anleitung keine Chance das brauchbar zu bedienen. Und wie kann man "immer anzeigen in ..." rückgängig machen? Müsste noch etwas aufpoliert werden.
  • Excelente, al principio hay que ir seleccionando que pagina va con cual contenedor, pero despues de hacerlo es super simple ya que se abre automaticamente en el contenedor.
  • This is THE best feature of Firefox IMHO
  • won't sync containers between computers. I set-up my containers on one device, but have to do it again on each computer I use.
  • It's easy to use to help organize tabs! The ability to have tabs/websites auto open into their respective containers is great!
  • Lovely, simple, and effective :D