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  • Даже не знал, что такое расширение существует.

    Очень полезно. Спасибо!
  • Easily separate work/university and home credentials. Just like having two browsers separated for different purposes!
  • this is a great extension, BUT when i disabled it ALL my saved account is GONE!!! also i can only open 1 by 1 and it only open blank site
  • Essential plugin as long as profile switching is a bit cumbersome i Firefox

    Would be nice to be able to a specific container to bookmarks since it's only possible to pin domains to containers, which means that services like azure devops that relies on the url for deciding which account you're trying to go to cannot be automatically opened in a certain container.

  • This add-on is really, just one thing is missing for me, the ability to add rules like "'*.example.com' must be in work container", you have to whitelist every subsite, that you want to open in the same category
  • Resets all containers after being disabled