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  • Very useful. Lightweight & better than profiles in chrome.
  • This add-on is perfect to make Google, eBay or Amazon searches in an anonymous way without letting these companies tracking you everything you search on the internet. Thank you Mozilla!
  • Very usefull.
  • It's a nice sense of security knowing that different parts of my browsing stay contained and there aren't cookies tracking me everywhere.

    I'd give 5 stars if we could easily edit and share lists of sites pinned to each container, rather than having to visit each one first and then set it to always open. It would be great to download a long list of shopping sites and have them automatically relegated to the shipping container.
  • I wanted to have gmail (my work account) in one container, and gmail( my private account) in another. The whole thing breaks which makes the extension pretty much worthless.
  • It's buggy when I try to hide and show a container that contains a local pdf. Please fix! We should also have the ability to use the same account for all the containers, because I only use this add-on for organizing tabs.
  • Adding an already opened page to open in a specific container in future should be an option. As of now it only shows option to add to default continer.
  • Very useful for privacy and multiple accounts on the same service. I only wish the containers and settings would sync through Firefox to other browsers. It's a big pain to add them by hand to multiple computers.
  • The concept is great and execution has come a long way to make it a generic version of "Facebook Container" addon. A nice way to set and manage user preferences is needed, though.
  • I really like this extension. It's potentially a much better solution to the "I want to keep my work and personal lives separate" problem than other browsers (see profiles in Chrome). I hope the interface for setting default tabs for domains becomes a bit more robust, and that the interface improves for opening existing tabs in specific containers. I know these are under discussion so I'm optimistic. :)