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  • Love love love this addon. It does everything I need it to do and I don't have to have a bunch of different browsers open all the time.

    For the developers: I would be even more in love with this addon if I could containers for my homepages so every time I open it, all my various email accounts pop up. Consider it an official feature request!
  • Works great. I do have to agree with another reviewer and say that being able to configure cookies and such for each container would be nice.
  • I genuienly love the concept, but it's way too basic to be really useful. I would love the ability to physically separate and configure each container.
    This extention would massively benefit from letting users configure if each container keeps history, cookies, login sessions, etc...
    Preferably I'd also like to create containers that have different extentions, with some more features this could become part of the browser replacing both profiles and private tab with something more modular.

    I would also like to be able to create shortcuts for creating new tabs with a specific containers, idealy with a better implemented container system the default container would diappear completely. Also the addon has trouble figuring out what to the select when jumping between containers and I really don't like how it has to ask twice to actively start using a specific container.
  • just awesome!
  • It does exactly what I wanted, but working with it is so cumbersome. It requires too many clicks for simple operations, like opening a tab in a specific container, or switching containers. I think having windows that will open by default the selected container would speed up my workflow. It should also come up on more contextual menus, and definitely showing your options directly, and not as a submenu. It works flawless and it allowed me to ditch Chrome, which is what I wanted, but the UX is not as good. I am looking forward to seeing this extensions as part of the stock browser having a much better integration.
  • Everyone should use this.
  • add proxy each container,
    add canvas fingerprint different or random each container,
    add user agent different or random each container,
    sync to firefox acc or local file backup

    will be perfect!!!!!
  • Excellent add-on with lots of potential. This deserves to be a baked-in feature rather than an add-on. Been using this for the better part of the last 6 months. Only issue I've had is when I'm redirected to the default container from a regular tab, clicking the button to confirm does not load the target page (button irresponsive). Refreshing the page always resolves it though. A feature request: please enable container sync through Firefox Sync to save users the trouble of having to recreate containers on different computers.
  • Love it... lots of potential but not yet there. It requires better integration across other elements of the browser and is somewhat buggy. Example, wild cards URLs, bookmark editing and better container mngt (eg. am I signed into Google (as who) in this container?).
  • excellent....helps me a lot to maintain my online shops with several user accounts....keep it up...
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak