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  • Does exactly as advertised. My only gripe - and this is mostly with Firefox add-ons in general - is that the settings don't save to your account. So whenever you refresh Firefox or download it onto a new computer you have to redo all your work getting it set up.
  • Absolutely genious! I can finally use google and multi account sites without logging in and out!
  • Totally addictive! For us who use manage multiple cloud instances, this is the solution to all browsing problems!
  • Easy to use. Open another 3 more dif browsers is my dark past. Now is no more. This add-ons deserves 5-star.
  • It is incredibly useful to keep my privacy. It's a must!. Thanks.
  • I love using containers but it's absolutely insane that they don't automatically follow your user login to other computers. So if you organize hundreds of site into containers on one computer you have to recreate them when you switch to a different computer. Seems pointless to even have a login to begin with.
  • I like it and I am grateful towards the developers for coming up with such a brilliant add-on. But I am giving it 3 stars as its config cannot be backed up or synced, because of which I have lost presets of websites countless amount of times. It resets whenever I togle if it's allowed in private mode or not.