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  • Firefox 68 user here. Leechblock rating reduced to 3 stars; stops working, does not block URLs reliably. This used to be a stable and VERY useful extension, but now (Sep 2019) it stops working altogethter every few weeks (fails to block any of my specified URLs). Removing the extension and re-installing sometimes fixes the issue, but only temporarily. Hopefully a future extension or Firefox update will fix the bug causing LeechBlock to suddenly stop working entirely.
    Please post bug reports on GitHub: https://github.com/proginosko/LeechBlockNG/issues

    Thank you!
  • Great Addon that helps me stay productive. Tons of features so you can finetune your own internet usage.
  • A free essential to help focus on studies, LeechBlock is just great!
  • veramente potente. forse fin troppo
  • Un bloqueur de sites complet avec option de verrouillage pour nous empêcher : de désactiver le blocage de sites, nous dissuader en nous obligeant à recopier un long mot de passe complexe. Si vous êtes étudiant et que vous cherchez un outil pour discipliner votre temps passé en ligne : c'est du tout bon.
  • It is wonderful
  • Excellent addon to block websites.
  • Works with no problems. And if you frequently have a temptation to remove the block and access those websites that you in fact should'nt, then I recommend to use the advanced options. Although nothing is impossible, the advanced options makes it difficult to unblock.
  • I started using LeechBlock a month or two ago and it has already saved me many hours by helping me kick some time-wasting habits. I never realized how compulsively I'd enter certain URL's whenever I felt bored or distracted.
  • Works amazing, but it's too easy to just turn off the add-on :<
    Go to Advanced Options for ways to make it harder to disable the extension.
  • Love it, especially for the fact that it works on mobile.
  • Nice. Should have button: "Add this site" for quickly adding site to block
    It already does! Right-click on the LB button or on the web page (context menu).