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  • more useful than switchyomega(chrome), more useful than before. Because foxproxy, i will use firefox all the time.
  • 能用,还不错。
  • Hello, i have been using foxy proxy for a few years now, but in the last week, it has become grey and i'm unable to do anything with it, i tried to reinstall it, i even tried downgrading from firefox 70, and tried older versions of foxyproxy, when i click on the icon of the fox, the menu comes up but i can't select anything from it, and if i go to the options from the addon selection it is completely gray and has a rotating refresh symbol, any help would be great, thanks.
    Hi, please send me an email and I can help there. There isn't space to do it here: support@getfoxyproxy.org
  • The best proxy available on Mozilla Firefox Add-ons.
  • 5star
  • 很好用,就不用再去选项里设置了
  • not work on Firefox 71.0b1 dev.edition
    Please try version 7.4 now available
  • good
  • The BEST, ever!!!
  • no proxy auth popup with latest versions, worked with previous versions or if user/pass correct in pattern definition
    Write the user/pass in the FoxyProxy settings; dont wait for a browser auth pop-up.